The New Background Blurring Feature on Skype Could be Your Life Saver!


Picture this: You are ready to appear for an important Skype interview with a prospective client when you realize that you have forgotten to do your cleaning chores around the house!

Isn’t that a blunder you cannot recover from? Clearly, your new employer will see the mess and think that you are irresponsible. What a nightmare!

With Skype releasing the new blur your background feature, such a scenario as mentioned above would be the least of your concerns!

Given that Skype, the Microsoft-owned platform, is facing tough competition from other instant messaging and video chatting platforms, such as WhatsApp, the company is gearing up to step up its game. The platform plans on introducing new and attractive features to keep the users hooked. Through the medium of artificial intelligence, the camera can recognize the subject on the video call and blur out the background. The smart technology is also capable of detecting limbs, hair and any other human form.

The feature is much like the background blurring feature that is available on Microsoft Teams. It has already been heralded as a life-saving feature that allows you to blur out any unwanted items in your background. Presently, this feature is being tested and released on the desktop, web, and mobile versions of Skype. However, it must be mentioned that not all devices support this feature just as yet.

To enable this setting, you need to navigate to the Skype settings and toggle it on. You may also do that by using the video call button available inside the Skype services. With this new background blur over Skype will shift the focus to where it really belongs – to you!

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