The Most Anticipated Tech Releases Coming in 2019


The world of tech has plenty to offer for those who wish to explore it with an open mind. While skeptics keep voicing their doubts the tech enthusiasts are now having a great time. This is because technology has recently had plenty of things to offer in the consumer electronics segment. The CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show) had also set the stage for plenty of new releases lined up for the year.

With all the exciting news floating in the air here are the most anticipated tech releases of the year 2019 that we cannot wait to get our hands on. Some of them have already been released in some parts of the world. There are others whose prototypes have been showcased to the public. The latest electronics releases can be found on Clever Shop List which has a list of the most popular retailers. Even better you can use Afterpay and other buy now pay later services to purchase these new tech releases.

5G will be here, finally

5G is finally coming not just for the smartphones but also for other devices. Smartphone manufacturers have already announced a few of their upcoming 5G ready devices. Service providers have started talking about the 5G plans that they plan to provide. As internet usage is exploding, 5G might be just what you need to get work done at lightning speeds.  

Rollable television

Televisions with large screen displays are common these days, as are smart TVs. Getting a slim TV or even a curved screen television for that matter is not enough when you can get a rollable one. LG’s new rollable OLED television with an 8K display might look like something straight out of a science fiction movie but it is a reality now. You can roll up the display and tuck it away when the TV is not in use. There are also talks about how this could lead to the rollable smartphone tech in the near future.

Drones for simpler yet more essential applications

Drones have been available for curious individuals to have a slice of sophisticated remote-controlled toys. There have been sophisticated drones used in the surveillance and other military activities. While both these extremes in applications have existed, 2019 is likely to bring drones which are more practical. Take for example the drone that created a buzz by cleaning windows! Such tedious and dangerous tasks would be taken care of by drones which are also easy to control.

Interactive projectors

There have been interactive projectors in recent times. But Bosch’s sleek projector showcased in the CES 2019 has grabbed the attention of the tech enthusiasts. This one can instantly turn any surface into a touchscreen. This one has the potential to be integrated with various home appliances to make them smarter.

Efficient smart homes

Energy efficiency and security have been strengthened in the products pipelined in the smart home segment in 2019. Products like the LG Styler, in particular, have grabbed the attention of the masses. This is a Wi-Fi enabled care and clean system for your clothes. From combatting wrinkles to sanitizing and removing the odor in your clothes this appliance has a lot of cool features. These are appliances that can save time and keep you healthy.

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