The Last of Us Part II Meets Studio Ghibli in This Stunning Fanart


This Last of Us Part II fanart manages to combine two very different works into a beautiful tribute to an already emotional game.

The Last of Us Part II is regarded as a masterpiece by both critics and players and has inspired plenty of creative content by talented fans. One such fan, who goes by Mincho, has created a beautiful mashup of scenes from the game in Studio Ghibli’s iconic artstyle. You can check out the artwork below:

Mincho’s Instagram page can be found here, where they post even more of their gorgeous fanart of other popular media. There’s plenty of other lovely fan creations to look at as well such as Joel and Ellie recreated as an Ukiyo-e Style painting, this cosplay depicting a heartbroken and exhausted Ellie, fan art poster showcasing Ellie’s evolution, or this amazing mural of Abby appropriately painted beside a gym.

Recently Keith Paciello, the studio animator for the game, went into great detail about the process behind its realistic facial animation. For even more insight into the developmental process behind The Last of Us Part II sound designer Beau Anthony Jimenez took to Twitter to detail the process behind voicing the various Infected enemy types, as well as crediting the talented voice actors who gave performances for them.

Some recently released numbers demonstrate the sheer amount of manpower needed to bring such an ambitious game to fruition. Naughty Dog’s final tally was 2332 people total to develop the game, which includes 2169 developers credited and 163 extra “thanks” to help with The Last of Us Part II. 14 outsourced studios, two of them devoted to sound design and mixing with the other 12 dealing with art direction.

Of course Naughty Dog’s development process hasn’t been controversy free, as the studio has been in the hotseat for quite some time concerning its own issues with the unfortunately common industry “crunch.” According to Neil Druckmann in an interview concerning the practice: “We don’t try to babysit people. We draw people who want to tell these stories and who want to leave a mark on the industry. And they’re gonna work very hard to do it. We need to put some guardrails [in] so they don’t injure themselves, but I don’t think we could prevent them from working hard and still make the kind of games we make.”

For any newcomers to the franchise, or those who haven’t played Part II yet, Features Editor put together a guide of everything you need to know about The Last of Us. And you can check out our review from Features Editor Ryan Meitzler, who absolutely adored the game.

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