The Flash: Who Are The Fastest Speedsters?


The name of the game on The CW comic book series The Flash is speed. For the first few seasons, it was all about Barry Allen’s nickname of being the Fastest Man Alive being challenged by others — many from alternate Earths. Finally, Flash developed some non-speedster villains to break up the monotony, but by that time, there had been numerous speedy heroes and villains show up in Central City.

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From the fastest beings on multiple Earths to men that are fast enough to travel between them via the Speed Force, the characters on this DC Comics show live the title of the fastest of the fast.

Updated on July 31st, 2021 by George Chrysostomou: Barry Allen may still be the Fastest Man Alive but there have been a variety of speedsters brought into The CW’s Flash since the rankings were last calculated. Many of these new speedsters are incredibly agile and surprisingly fast, either relying on the Speed Force or perhaps some other method of increasing their velocity. Not all of these speedsters have morally just intentions though. 

15 Edward Clariss

The Rival in black costume in The Flash

When Barry Allen finally made the move to save his mother’s life and prevent her murder at the hands of Reverse-Flash, he created the Flashpoint timeline. In that timeline, Edward Clariss was the rival to the Wally West of that world.

Unlike Wally, Clariss was a bad guy who just wanted to be bad. He wasn’t quite as fast as Wally, who was still new as a hero, so since he was a step below a brand-new speedster, he ranks pretty low. Barry was able to beat him with almost no effort, despite starting to lose his powers in the Flashpoint timeline.

14 Eliza Harmon

Eliza Harmon in suit in The Flash

Before Jesse Quick, Eliza Harman was the only female speedster in The Flash TV world. Unlike the speedsters who got their powers from the Speed Force, Harman got her powers from the drug Velocity-9, which had the side effect of giving her a split personality.

While she seemed faster than Barry Allen while on the drugs, he was able to just run faster and faster to catch up to her. It should also be noted that, at this time, Flash was still not as fast as Zoom. When she decided she needed to up her speed, she thought more drugs would help but then ended up disintegrating, proving she had a top-level she could never surpass.

13 Iris West-Allen

The Flash Iris West Speedster

The first time Iris West-Allen suited up as a speedster it was after she was briefly gifted powers from Barry Allen. Their DNA swap essentially meant that for a short period of time Iris actually had a link to the Speed Force. She was a little inexperienced though.

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Since she had the powers of Barry Allen in theory she should have been one of the fastest speedsters in existence. She didn’t get to have enough time with the Speed Force though, meaning she never got to unleash her full potential. The raw power alone means she’s faster than a few other Speedsters though.

12 Wally West

In the comics, Wally West was the second Flash after Barry Allen died saving the world in Crisis on Infinite Earths. In The CW version of Flash, Wally West was a very different character. Here, he was Joe West’s son from his estranged wife who loved street racing and was obsessed with speed.

Wally wanted more than anything to become a speedster, too, especially after Jesse Wells gained her powers. He got his powers and soon proved that he was even faster than Barry Allen when he first gained his powers. This means that, over time, Wally West could surpass Barry for speed but he isn’t there yet as the family competition continues.

11 Jesse Wells

Jesse Quick

Jesse Wells received her powers when she was hit by a pulse of dark matter when Barry Allen was trying to get his powers back. Taking on the name Jesse Quick, she is the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth-2. She is not only very powerful but Harrison said that she is smarter than he is, which is very impressive.

She beat Wally West in a race, so she is clearly quicker than he is. She also held her own against Savitar, which was impressive as well. As the main Flash on her Earth, Jesse can run over Mach 2 in speed and should get faster with more experience.

10 Bart West-Allen

Impulse Bart West Allen

As the son of Barry and Iris, Bart West-Allen inherited his father’s speed skills. Running around as the heroic Impulse, the name very much matches his recklessness and attitude. Regardless his risks tend to pay off and he has a promising future ahead of him.

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The link to the Speed Force aside, the raw power within Impulse is impressive. It’s a level of ability that has also been seen in Bart’s sister and he has demonstrated his impressive agility and fast reflexes in a number of dangerous situations. Impulse is missing the necessary experience though.

9 Nora West-Allen

Nora West-Allen also contains the sheer power of her father and brother, as well as a constant link to the Speed Force. She’s demonstrated that she’s clever enough and powerful enough to time travel and utilize the Negative Speed Force as well. Her experiences have taught her a great deal.

The character ultimately has a little bit more time to learn than Impulse meaning she is slightly faster and able to use her speedster skills in a more efficient way. She’s very much still learning though and has been outmatched by some significant runners already.

8 August Heart

There have been so many Godspeeds at varying speeds that it’s difficult to work out how fast they really are. One of the first versions of the character actually managed to outrun Barry Allen, but August Heart’s obsession with having speed means he is tapping into a variety of methods to become a speedster.

This unreliable cocktail of Velocity, other such drugs, the Speed Force, and a range of other methods means that his speed can be slightly less than it needs to be at times. While not always having the raw power, his technique is pretty flawless helping the speedster rise up the ranks.

7 Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick is the Flash from Earth-3 and served as a mentor figure for Barry Allen. He is the doppelganger of Henry Allen, which is really cool since actor John Wesley Shipp portrayed Flash on the old ’90s television show before taking the role of Barry’s dad on this CW series.

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Jay was very fast and actually caught up with Barry Allen to pull him out of the timestream when he tried to undo the Flashpoint changes. He was also able to keep up with Salizar, although he lost that fight. He is slower than Zoom, though, who beat and imprisoned him on his own Earth.

6 Hunter Zolomon

Zoom holds up Barry Allen in the flash

Hunter Zolomon was one of the scariest villains on Flash when he showed up as Zoom. This is the Earth-2 version of Hunter — a serial killer who was given super-speed by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion. After becoming known as the Speed Demon, he artificially increased his speed until he was able to break the dimensional barrier.

In season two he betrayed the team, fooling them for weeks, and beat Barry so badly that he left him paralyzed meaning that it seemed no one was stronger. He also stole Barry’s speed and became the fastest man alive. Even when Barry got his powers back, Zoom was faster. However, the one problem was that Barry could naturally increase his speed and Zoom couldn’t, so that is how he ended up falling short.

5 Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne

Eobard Thawne has caused a lot of problems for Flash and his friends but he doesn’t seem to ever completely go away. He was erased completely from time and somehow the Speed Force reclaimed him. He not only has superhuman speed but he is a genius who is able to keep adding to his speed with both special techniques and devices.

He was able to keep up with Barry in Crisis on Earth-X and was almost up to his speed, even with Barry getting faster as he gained experience. He has shown that he knows his limits — especially apparent when Black Flash showed up on the scene.

4 Barry Allen (Savitar Time Remnant)

Savitar is very close to being on the top of the list of the fastest speedsters on The Flash. Honestly, if he remained in the Speed Force, he would be the fastest being alive. He was able to go between it and the real world any time he chose and was able to beat everyone from Barry Allen to Jay Garrick easily.

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However, when Savitar came out of the Speed Force—no longer bound there–he became a basic speedster. He was still faster than almost everyone else but was only able to match up with the speed of Barry Allen — which makes sense since he is an alternate world future-Barry. He was able to battle multiple speedsters at once, though.

3 The Black Flash


Black Flash might be the scariest speedster on The Flash. He is what used to be Hunter Zolomon. When he was caught by the Time Wraiths from the Speed Force, they allowed him to live and he instead began working for the Speed Force as one of their agents.

His job was to go after the speedsters that got out of line and that meant that he had to be faster than almost all of them. Eobard Thawne knew he couldn’t outrun Black Flash and when Barry Allen tried to break Wally West out of the Speed Force, Black Flash overpowered him.

2 Barry Allen (Earth-90)

Arrowverse Elseworlds Supergirl Flash Arrow

Debuting in the original ’90s series, Barry Allen was played by John Wesley Shipp and was clearly the Fastest Man Alive, at least on Earth-90. Over the years he has harnessed his craft and is comparable to plenty of other speedsters across the Multiverse.

While the Barry Allen of Earth-Prime is slightly faster than that of the Earth-90 version, there’s no doubt that in his prime this version of the Flash would have been able to outrun foes such as Zoom and the Black Flash. His eventual sacrifice to save the Multiverse required an impressive amount of speed.

1 Barry Allen (Earth-Prime)

The Flash season 5.1 Barry Allen

While Black Flash was able to overpower Barry Allen and the Scarlet Speedster couldn’t escape his chase, there is one thing that keeps him ranked number one on the list of the fastest speedsters on The Flash. Barry Allen is known as the Fastest Man Alive, and that isn’t just a cute nickname.

Eobard Thawne said that the speed of Barry is potentially unlimited. He reached Mach 13.2 from tachyons and continued to increase his speed to even faster levels since that time. He spent six months trapped in the Speed Force and came out with speed exceeding all other speedsters.

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