The Best Adventure Maps in Minecraft Marketplace


There are a wide array of different maps for players to download and explore with Minecraft. This guide shows players the best Adventure Maps.

One of the best things about Minecraft is that despite all these years people still haven’t run out of things to do. The standard game of Minecraft alone gives players an insane amount of content to engage with and explore like survival and creative mode. Even if players grow tired of playing by themselves they can also always decide to play the game with friends as well which adds an extra layer to way the game can be played.

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There are many players out there though who have probably grown tired of seeing what they can create or of surviving on the standard Minecraft map. A great way to help keep the game feeling fresh though is to go and download some new maps from the marketplace. These can give players completely new experiences to check out and can be a lot of fun for both single players or those who are playing with friends. This guide shows players the best Adventure Maps to download from the Marketplace.

Minecraft – Best Adventure Maps on the Marketplace

Adventure Maps are absolutely perfect for those who have grown a little tired of the experience that Minecraft currently provides. Unlike playing a normal game with a sprawling and massive map, Adventure Maps tend to be more self-contained experiences that follow specific rules. Rather than focus on building and crafting, these maps tend to be a lot more about the player exploring the world around them, defeating enemies, and solving puzzles. Here are some of the best ones available:

  • Herobrine’s Mansion – This is basically the father of all Minecraft Adventure Maps as the original was created all the way back in 2012, and has since been remastered and a sequel has even been created. This is a full and complete story for players to explore, and there are a wealth of items and features to check out. This is one of the many Adventure Maps that is specifically designed for several players to play together on, but can also be played in single player. Furthermore, there is also six different boss battles for players to complete as well.
  • Deep Space Turtle Chase – This is a massive Minecraft Map that lets players explore the deep reaches of space while solving puzzles and avoiding difficult challenges. Players begin their journey by escaping a failing space station but goes on to allow them to explore the world at their own leisure. The team behind this map completely designed a space-like world, and also created music, unique sounds, and a storyline from scratch. This is perfect for players who want an experience that is completely unique compared to a normal game of Minecraft and need something new to explore.
  • Wrath of The Fallen – This map was created by the same person who worked on the Herobrine’s Mansion map, but this one feels much more inspired by hack-and-slash RPG games like Skryim. Players will be able to explore a massive kingdom and go on a quest to defeat many monsters and acquire all kinds of loot and gear. The main storyline (which involves several NPCs) may only take the player a few hours to complete, but there is still a large number of secrets and easter eggs for the player to uncover throughout the world.
  • Pokemon Johto – For those players who can’t get enough of the Pokemon series, this Adventure Map is perfect for them. It is a complete recreation of the Johto map from the Gold and Silver games. Players are able to go up against Pokemon-themed enemies and acquire items from that game’s universe. “Pokemon” are unable to be captured in this map unless the player downloads some mods, but it is a fun world to explore.
  • Farm Life – A fairly major aspect of the survival mode in Minecraft is for the player to ensure that they have enough food to keep themselves alive, whether that is animal products or grown food. Those who have always wanted to focus more on the farming aspects of Minecraft will have a lot of fun with the Farm Life map. This adds in several dozen new crops for the player to plant and tend to, a host of different vehicles and farming equipment, and even a little town for the player to buy and sell things in.
Astronaut Training Center Minecraft Custom Map
  • Astronaut Training Center – Another space centered map, but this one is less focused on exploring the world around the player and rather taking part in some fun training missions. The player will be able to learn how to pilot a series of different vehicles like a Mars Rover. On top  of this players are also shown how to operate Redstone blocks in different ways, which makes this map a perfect method of teaching players how to create their own Redstone creations.
  • Desert Dragon Temple – This map is absolutely perfect for players who are looking for a more intense challenge in Minecraft. The Snake Dragon Temple is located far out in the middle of a desolate desert and is chock full of dangerous and challenging enemies for players to defeat if they want to survive. To complete this map players will need to work to track down all of the Lucky Blocks that are spread throughout the world and uncover the dark secrets that lurk deep underneath the temple.
  • Parkour School – A staple in the Minecraft community is parkour centric maps that test the player’s platforming skills as they progress through the map. This map is interesting in that it has 15 different levels that gradually increase in difficulty, so players are able to slowly become better at platforming in the game. Players are also able to unlock ten brand new unique skins for their character and they can even check out music that was created specifically for this map.
  • Tame My Dragon – Who doesn’t want to take control of many kinds of dragons throughout the world and reign terror upon the townsfolk and skeletons of the world. There are four different dragons for players to find on this map and tame, and then they are able to fly around wherever they wish. One dragon is your typical fire breathing monster, whereas another still can quickly swim underwater. Players who manage to track down and tame all four of these dragons will also be able to acquire the special King Dragon and a host of free skins and collectibles.
  • Stonecreek Stables: Grand Prix – Most people wouldn’t think of Minecraft as being a game that would work well for a racing map, but there are all kinds of interesting and engaging races for players to check out. This map allows the player to raise and train different horses that can in turn be used to in a range of different races against friends. Players are also able to go to the town and purchase many different kinds of items at the local store like apples or saddles for the horses. There are also several other vehicles for the player to ride around in as well like trucks and tractors.

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Minecraft can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, and iOS.

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