The 6 ways of using Instagram to grow your business


Every business owner has to look for ways to generate more traffic to expand their business. Instagram is a platform that gives you the chance to get potential clients within no time.  Statistics reveal that Instagram has more users compared to other networks such as Twitter. That is why you should use it to engage the Instagram community and get people interested in your brand.

Most people who use Instagram are not only flaunting their flashing lifestyles but also shopping for different products and services. With the right approach, you can start gaining potential customers and make sales. Implement the following strategies and thank us later!

Come up with a business account

Your personal account should not be the same as your business account. Therefore, even if you have one account on Instagram, open a new one and dedicate it to your business alone. Marketing using social media is about your audience and not you. This means that the audience is more interested in seeing what you have to offer them and not your personal life.

Avoid appearing in your business account and try as much as possible to promote your brand. Optimizing your professional presence through your business account is how to get more likes on Instagram. People start liking the products you are advertising and ask for more details. 

Create an informative Bio

Add a creative bio on your Instagram account to give followers a brief description of your brand. This hooks their attention before they can even start following you. A catchy bio convinces the audience on the value of your brand and makes them anticipate great content from you. Give them a brief description about what you are marketing and remember to keep it light.

Do not use sales language on the bio since this can easily irritate potential customers. Your bio should reflect the tone of the photos you wish to post.  Ensure that you add a link when creating your bio. This is the chance for you to direct your followers to your website. The clickable link should come after the description of your brand.

Make your brand recognizable

Your followers should be able to recognize you through consistent photos and name. The pieces that you include in your business account should fit together to tell followers about your brand. The name of the account should be similar or related to the name of your business in all the media channels that you are using to market the brand.

Ensure that the image you use is also consistent to remain recognizable. Choose a professional name according to your brand so that potential customers can take you seriously.

Post photos that translate into sales

Instagram is more popular than other networks since it is an image-centric platform. People connect more to pictures than words. Therefore, the photos that you use to promote your brand should convince the audience to purchase your product. They should go beyond liking your photos but start looking for ways to acquire the product. You can convert likes into organic traffic by purchasing auto likes from a site that provides safe Instagram Likes after November 2018 Update.

You can achieve this by using professional images. Detailed images capture the audience and add value to your brand. Use attention-grabbing pictures that express the personality of your brand while still making it look unique and different from similar brands.

Great photos do not necessarily need captions. You don’t have to add more information regarding how great the product is since the audience considers this language monotonous. Post striking images and let the audience make their decision without any pressure.

Remember to size your photos accurately before posting them. Blurred may lose professional quality. Squared shaped pictures in the right size are better than cropped.  You can also use editing tools to boost their colors and moods. 

Provide promotions to followers

We all love free things right? Your followers can also enjoy promotions in the form of special offers and bonuses once in a while. This technique can motivate them to purchase your product for you to grow your business.

Give them some incentives or make insider announcements often to keep them captivated. You can include a promotion above the photo using a text overlay to make it more visible to anyone who visits your page. Text overlays are a stylish manner of announcing discounts and sales.

Make use of some free apps to position the text well above your image. If you have any updates regarding your shop inform your followers on your business account beforehand. This gives them adequate time to plan ahead so that they can get ready to buy the product upon release.

You can also promote different events using tools like geotagging. Use geo-tags to inform your customers where they can go if they need to purchase your products. Use this tool to share the location as you invite followers who may be near the area.

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