The 10 Saddest Things About Samwise Gamgee


Samwise Gamgee is one of the most heroic characters in The Lord Of The Rings, yet his story is often tainted with sadness.

While Frodo Baggins might be the main character of The Lord of the Rings and other characters, like Aragorn, are more of what we think of as traditional, strong heroes, Samwise Gamgee might be the most heroic of all.

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Many of the characters from the series have admirable traits and risk a lot to protect Middle-Earth from evil, but Sam stands out because he’s so loyal and courageous but in an unassuming way. Along his journey to help Frodo destroy the Ring, a lot of rather sad things happen to him.

10 He has to deal with Gollum

From the moment that Frodo allows Gollum to join them and lead them to Mordor, Sam is distrustful. He has good reason to feel this way, but sadly, Frodo doesn’t really listen to him. While Frodo doesn’t always like Gollum, he feels a connection with him over what the Ring can do to those who hold it. So, Frodo overtime starts to trust Gollum more than Sam.

9 When he thinks that Frodo was killed by Shelob

Lord of the Rings: Sam fights off Shelob

Sam puts up with a lot as Frodo’s support system and loyal friend, but he is willing to do this because he loves Frodo. So, one of the most devastating moments is when he thinks that Frodo has died after being attacked by Shelob. It’s a really sad moment, but Sam is strong enough to still try and continue the mission and take the Ring to be destroyed.

8 Gandalf sent him with Frodo as a punishment

Sam was a gardener who did work for Frodo, and he overheard Gandalf telling Frodo about the truth of Bilbo’s ring. While Sam might have been trying to eavesdrop, who could really blame him?

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The information being discussed would be difficult for anyone not to want to hear. So, it seems unfair that Gandalf would make Sam go on Frodo’s journey.

7 His happy, carefree life was taken away from him

Lord of the Rings Sean Astin Samwise Gamgee Farm

Just like with the other Hobbits who join the Fellowship, Samwise is raised in a lot of peace and comfort. He lives a simple life as a gardener, and he enjoys the small joys that life has to offer. But, after heading off with Frodo, he is set on a journey that takes away his sense of peace in the world. And, while he does find healing after, it’s also rather tragic in a way.

6 He and Frodo had to travel to Mordor under horrible conditions

Lord of the Rings: Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom

The journey to carry the Ring through Mordor was an extremely difficult one. The quest became more and more difficult the closer they got. They ran out of food and water, and they had to walk long distances. There were moments when their lips were chapped and they were exhausted, but they still had to carry on. Sam also has to carry Frodo up the mountain at one point.

5 He would live to see what Saruman did to the Shire

This is something that happens in the books but that we don’t see in the films. In the books, Saruman uses Lotho Sackville-Baggins as a puppet to turn the Shire into an industrial place similar to what Saruman did to Isengard.

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Sam, along with Merry, Pippin, and Frodo, had to then fight to take back the Shire after everything else that they’d been through.

4 When Frodo sends him away

Frodo and Sam Fighting

Probably one of the most depressing moments in the entire series is when Frodo turns on Sam and tells him to leave. He believes the lies that Gollum has been saying, and he thinks that Sam is the one trying to take the Ring from him. Frodo is obviously influenced by the One Ring, but it’s still hard to watch. Sam is absolutely devastated.

3 He thought he was going to die on Mount Doom

There are many powerful, emotional moments in both the books and the films, and one that is extremely memorable is when Frodo and Sam are stuck on Mount Doom as it erupts. They have completed the mission, and they now have accepted that they are going to die. Sam’s monologue about the Shire, Rosie Cotton, and the simple joys of life is super heartbreaking.

2 Rosie died before him

Lord of the Rings Sean Astin Samwise Gamgee Rosie Cotton Wedding

Unlike Frodo, Sam is able to find a great deal of healing and joy after arriving back home. He marries Rosie Cotton, and they have a good life together and many children. However, his wife dies before he does which is quite tragic. The silver lining in this is that Sam gives the book, originally started by Bilbo, to his daughter, Elanor. It is heavily implied that Sam then sails to the Undying Lands because he was briefly a Ring-bearer.

1 He had to live the rest of his life without Frodo

Lord of the Rings Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee Farewell

When Frodo leaves for the Grey Havens, it’s very difficult for all of those close to him, but it’s the most difficult for Sam. This scene is one of the most heartbreaking moments from the films, and it leaves Sam living out most of his life without Frodo. However, they were likely reunited again after Sam was able to live out his life.

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