Tetsuya Nomura Teases Kingdom Hearts Series Developments in 2022 For 20th Anniversary


Tetsuya Nomura again teased that while the series is taking a break now, more Kingdom Hearts news will be coming for the 20th anniversary in 2022.

On November 18, our Japanese comrades at Dengeki published a new interview with Tetsuya Nomura for the release of Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory, where he most notably teased announcements to come in 2022:

Tetsuya Nomura: “With KH MoM the series will take a little break, as we head towards the 20th anniversary in 2022. We’ll work to be able to deliver some kind of good news then. So I hope you will keep looking over us in the future.”

Furthermore, note this isn’t the first time Tetsuya Nomura has been teasing 2022 for more Kingdom Hearts. He said something similar regarding the 20th anniversary in Japanese interviews published in September 2020. Previously, more games in the Kingdom Hearts series were teased by Tetsuya Nomura when revealing Melody of Memory.

Lastly, the rest of the interview focuses on the development of Melody of Memory, with the collaboration between Square Enix and Indieszero, the music of the series and Yoko Shimomura, and the future of the series. Moreover, Tetsuya Nomura talked about a possible Kingdom Hearts game on PS5 and Xbox Series X. You can read about it here.

Stay tuned as we’ll soon publish a full summary of the interview. Update: you can find it here.

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