Telegram now Lets You Delete Messages from Other Devices


Telegram is following the path of WhatsApp, with a new and innovative way. The Chat Messaging app has now added a new feature that lets the users delete Chat Messages from Private Chat and Group Chat. Yes, the same feature which was released by WhatsApp a few months back has rolled out to Telegram app.

Telegram is a known rival to WhatsApp and the competition between these two is very high in today’s time. To keep the users active and to gain new users, Telegram has added this new feature with a new app update.

This feature comes with a new feature named with Nuclear option. This nuclear option lets users delete their own messages sent to different people privately and to the group chats. Users will be able to select the messages and can delete those selected messages with one go from Chat history.

The latest version of Telegram has brought this nuclear option feature on both, Android and iOS mobile platforms. The same is now available via web-version of the Telegram app for the users.

This nuclear option works differently than WhatsApp. This feature lets you delete the entire chat history. The messages can be deleted by you from all the participants. Previously, users were given 24-hours of time to delete their messages. The time limit has completely dropped by the new update of Telegram app and now they can delete selected messages or the entire chat history quickly.

Interestingly, you don’t require the consent from the participants to delete the messages from Private Chat or Group Chat. You can directly delete the chat messages or the entire chat without letting anyone’s know about it.

When you delete a message or the entire chat, the recipient will not receive a warning message or any notifications. The Chat will be deleted privately and there will be no warning alarm.

Many users of Telegram app do believe that this is an unwanted feature which makes no use at all. However, these features are very useful to those who make sensitive chats on the platform.

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