Telegram Introduces the Telegram Passport to Share IDs Easily Across Apps and Services


Telegram has released v4.9 version of its app which would be made available for Android and iOS with a new feature called Telegram Passport. It is a new authorization method which helps to store and share personal identification information with apps and services. Telegram says “simply upload your documents once, then instantly share your data with services that require the real-world ID.”

With the new service, users will need to upload their ID to the Telegram’s cloud storage, where it will be stored with end-to-end encryption so as to protect their privacy. For services and websites that add support for Telegram Passport, users can simply select the required documents required for each service, rather than separately uploading them to each different app, says Telagram post.

In a blog post, Telegram stated that this is still in the early stages of implementation. In the future, the team plans to store users’ documents in a decentralized cloud for further protection and would use blockchain technology for secure verifications. Once the documents are uploaded, they can be provided to any services that ask for ID using Telegram Passport. The feature will require the latest version of Telegram.

The new feature provides hassle-free access as it eliminates uploading identity document every time a user needs to verify ‘identity’. The feature could be put to test with at first payment platform which supports identity verification with the Telegram Passport.  In the coming days, features are going to be added like third-party verification for few of its services. The account approved by verification provider will be enough to verify the identity. The app maker’s team behind the project said this is phase two of its Telegram Login project, which was first introduced back in February.

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