Teamfight Tactics Beta Is Out Now


Teamfight Tactics is a new game mode which is now made available for the players. Yes, the new game mode that plays to Dota 2’s Auto Chess mod is now available on the Public Environment. Starting from today, players can now play this new autobattler on their consoles. You can take the beta for a spin and can try out all the functions and features of the game. Let’s check out more about this new mod!

In order to test out this new game mode, you need to be an active player of the game with good track records. If you are playing this game for months with poor records, you won’t be able to get this beta edition.

How do I Get a PBE Account?

To get the PBE Account for this new Teamfight Tactics, you need to have an account on League of Legends. The account should be at least Honor 3 Level. The Honor Level resets every year on its seasonal update and it is highly depending upon the player’s track record.

Most players can achieve level 2 easily and they hunt for the third level of the game with every passing season. So if you have already passed the third level of the game, chances of getting access to the beta update of this new mode are high for you.

As mentioned above, players with Honor Level 3 can apply for a PBE Account. If you wish to apply for the same, you can go ahead and visit the official registration link from here. Click the link and you will be able to apply for the new PBE Account of the game.

If you are not an Honor 3 Level user, you will have to wait for the game’s stable version. The Beta edition of the game will not fit for you and for that reason, you won’t be accessed the game’s beta environment even if it is released on the public environment by the makers.

The Game’s Mode will be released officially on June 25th. The release date is no confirmed by the officials, so it can be delayed. We will get to hear from the makers in the coming days.

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