TCL is Preparing To Bang The Industry With Two New Foldable Smartphones


With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X, the race of foldable smartphones gained its full pace. Most of the smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, Microsoft are presenting their foldable smartphones while some others are still in the working stage.  In fact, most of these devices may not really launch in the market. Now, Chinese smartphone manufacturer TCL is also joining the race of foldable smartphones.

Earlier we have seen renders of both of these phones from TCL that come with an innovative and different design than any other foldable phone currently available in the market. And now, the company itself took the wraps off two foldable device concepts, different from the one it showed at CES 2020. 

The first has a trifold display which is actually a foldable tablet that folds into a smartphone. It’s one of the first concepts we’ve seen with two separate hinge mechanisms working simultaneously, converting a 6.65-inch phone into a 10-inch tablet. The next one is quite interesting to see which is actually an extendable phone instead of a foldable phone. It looks just like an ordinary smartphone with a 6.75-inch screen, but when pulled out from the right edge of the phone, it gets extended to a  7.8 inches phone which is something similar to iPad mini.

TCL slide-out display prototype phone

Coming specifically to the trifold phone, it is just like an iPad-like tablet that just folds into a 6.65-inch smartphone. You can fold this phone in the way you like it either be it one-third or completely folded. Since it has three foldings, it became so thick. Precisely, thicker than the Galaxy Fold. So, it becomes quite hard to carry it or using it singly-handed. But yes, this is really a great concept in the world of foldable smartphones.

TCL foldable smartphone

Since TCL manufactures its own displays, the company has gone wild playing around with various form factors. It has many other foldable concepts inside the factory. However,  it’s likely the two concepts being unveiled today will be not coming to the market at all.

“We are not shy to show some of these ideas to engage in a discussion, to get your feedback, to learn,” says Stefan Streit, general manager of global marketing at TCL. “We believe this is much more important than just putting a product out, keep the volumes low, charge a very high price, and make the consumer a beta user and pay for it. That’s not TCL’s style.”

With such testing, the company is analyzing which type of foldable phone is mostly liked by the customers. Once it nails down a particular design and form, it will unveil its first foldable device for the buyers. So, we need to wait a bit more to get over to the company’s first foldable device that will be available to buy. 

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