Superman Has a New Use for a Classic Power in Future State


Jon Kent’s power set is nearly identical to his father’s, but Future State reveals he found a more creative way to use one of Superman’s more classic powers.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman #1, by Dan Watters, Leila del Duca, Nick Filardi and Tom Napolitano, on sale now.

Since his introduction in Dan Jurgens Convergence: Superman #2, there has been speculation about just how powerful Jon Kent will become and if he will ever be able to match his father’s legacy. While that may not be answered yet, the roll-out of DC’s “Future State” has provided us a closer look at his time as the new Superman. Though Clark Kent’s influence on his son Jon is very apparent, Future State: Superman/Wonder Woman shines a light on Jon’s use of a classic Superman power in a classic new way to comfort the city he protects.

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In addition to providing a new take on the familiar Superman/Womer Woman partnership, the issue opens with a look at how the Future State Superman, Jon Kent, starts his day as the Man of Steel. After drinking his coffee in 2.7 seconds and getting dressed, Jon uses the trusty old heat vision to form a “Good Morning Metropolis” message in the clouds for the entire city to see. This creative use of his heat vision is far from the usual way his father has historically utilized one of his most well-known and often used powers.

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As a half Kryptonian, it is unsurprising that Jon seems to be every bit as capable as his father, but his human half and humble upbringing under the tutelage of his father the original Superman seems to have impacted him heavily, and this small but kind gesture of care puts that influence on display. Obviously, losing Clark Kent is a big loss for the city of Metropolis and earth as a whole, but Jon seems to know this and also knows that in order to gain the city’s trust and respect he has to go the extra mile to show how much he cares about them. Being that Clark had been Superman for years, he had no need to rely on gestures like this to prove himself worthy and instead did so by consistent action alone.

This need to prove himself, in combination with his human/Kryptonian heritage and humble upbringing, seems to have fostered a strong protective personality in the new Superman. Jon also does not seem to be working to be his father, but instead his own man — his own Superman. Being that the story of “Future State” is still developing, it remains to be seen what Jon’s legacy as Superman will be, but if his attempts to comfort and protect his city are any indication, it’s reasonable to think he may very well be a better Superman than his father ever was

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