Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Next DLC Fighters May Already Be Known


The next round of DLC guest fighters for Super Smash Bros Ultimate might have been leaked by an anonymous source – one that has been right before.

A new leak provides a hint as to who will be included in the next round of Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters, and it’s a pair that fans have been wanting for some time. As of this writing, there is still one more wave of fighters set to arrive in Nintendo’s hit crossover fighting game before developer Masahiro Sakurai is said to be retiring, but that is still a couple of years off.   

In the meantime, Super Smash Bros Ultimate has had a busy 2020 when it came to new fighter announcements. The fun began with the reveal of Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses last January, followed by ARMS’s Min Min in June and Minecraft’s Steve in October. To cap off the year, Final Fantasy VII baddie Sephiroth was unveiled at December’s Game Awards livestream in a stunning reveal trailer, joining his arch-nemesis Cloud Strife among the pantheon of gaming mascots battling it out in colorful multiplayer combat.        

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According to, a new leak might have revealed the next two Super Smash Bros Ultimate combatants. This anonymous account, translated from Japanese message board earlier today, claims that two heroes from the Tales of franchise, namely Tales of Symphonia’s Lloyd Irving and Tales of Vesperia’s Yuri Lowell, are set to be coming to the game sometime next year. This leak also provided some unverified insight toward characters that were considered in the past, like Street Fighter’s Chun-Li (who was turned down in favor of Ken Masters) and Sora of Kingdom Hearts fame (who was abandoned after Square Enix didn’t feel comfortable having him appear in a game without any Disney characters).

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Lloyd Yuri

Fan speculation regarding which popular gaming icons will be the next to appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate are commonplace among the series’ fanbase, with the most popular candidates being Halo’s legendary space soldier Master Chief, Crash Bandicoot, and even Tracer and Doomfist from Overwatch. Sure enough, Lloyd and Yuri are among the heroes that some fans have been requesting, alongside the aforementioned Sora.             

As such, having both Lloyd Irving and Yuri Lowell be announced as the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate guest fighters would be a treat for the fans of their JRPG adventures, and they would fit right in among similar stars like Cloud and Shulk of the Xenoblade Chronicles series. Even better, previous leaks on 5ch have correctly predicted characters like Steve, though this could have been a mere lucky guess. Absolutely nothing regarding the next wave of Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighters has been officially confirmed so far, so fans should stay tuned for more concrete developments as they unfold at a future date.    

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