Super Mario Odyssey Getting a New Zombie Costume this Halloween


A new update has come to the Super Mario Odyssey, allowing you to dress up Mario like a spooky zombie. This special update from Nintendo gives Mario a Halloween costume. Mario will be getting Halloween themed zombie look, with an axe on his head.

The new outfit is divided into two pieces, featuring a tattered clothing with a fake axe buried into Mario’s skull. He also got a greenish skin, and solid white eyes, making him look to be one of the living dead. We can see this update in Nintendo’s tweet saying, “A new special outfit has been added to #SuperMarioOdyssey! After you’ve finished the main story, check out the shop to find the Zombie Headwear & Zombie Outfit.”, and a picture showing Mario’s new look.

You can also pair up Mario’s Zombie Headwear and Zombie Outfit with the other costumes you like. For example, you can get Mario’s zombie head mixed in with his swimsuit costume, wedding costume, and a lot more, which is a bit weird though.

Aside from the new spooky costumes, three new filters are also added to the game’s Snapshot mode, which means you can change the pictures’ effect as you take a shot. These filters include manga which will make your snapshots look like a comics, a tile effect giving the pictures an 8-bit look, and lastly, the kaleidoscope effect giving the snapshot a unique and a bit weird effect. We can see these different effects at Nintendo’s tweet showing the looks of the three different effects.

We can expect some more updates for Super Mario Odyssey these coming months, especially on Christmas, and Nintendo might take another turn in this celebration. Let us wait for the announcement, and stay tuned with TehnoCodex to be always updated.

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