Suicide Squad’s Joker and Harley Quinn to Join PUBG Soon


PUBG is currently in the climax of its Halloween event, The Frightful Halloween. This special event allows players to purchase skins and look as a nurse, butcher, evil clown, and much more. A new surprise has mixed with the event as a tweet with trailer video confirmed that Suicide Squad’s Joker and Harley Quinn are coming to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soon.

The said trailer was made possible due to a new partnership between DC Comics, Warner Bros., Bluehole (PUBG’s parent company). The trailer showcased a short action of the two characters in the game, wherein we can see that it is similar to the outfits they have worn in the 2016 release of Suicide Squad.

The Joker has a light green-coloured hair, white full-face make-up, and the ‘Damaged’ tattoo on his forehead. We can see him go on action with his powerful weapon. On the other hand, Quinn has her original baseball bat with the word ‘Good Night’ inscribed in it. As we have expected, she wears the choker with the word ‘Puddin’, her red-white t-shirt that with ‘Daddy’s Lil Monster’ in it, tall white boots and fish-net stockings, and her signature look, the three-tone hair color.

The trailer also showed the activities in the rumored Prison Breakout mode, it seems that some players will try to break out, while others will try to stop them in their tracks guns with sniper rifles. Their role in the game is still unknown, they might play a part with the rumored game mode, or just an additional aesthetics to be collected.

Microsoft has hinted huge PUBG news for its Xbox One-oriented X018 event, that will be held on Saturday. We might see further details about the Suicide Squad characters in the said event. So stay tuned with TechnoCodex and we will bring you all of its update.

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