Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth Earphone Review


Stuffcool is emerging as one of the most popular Smartphone Accessories manufacturers in India. They have been introducing some great accessories under a great budget and so they gained such huge popularity in the Indian market. Stuffcool provides a range of accessories and audio devices including chargers, cables, protective cases, screen protectors, wireless speakers, and headphones. The latest launch of the company is Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth Earphone which one of the best in-ear headphones at a range of Rs 1,999.

Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth Earphone launched in India at a price tag of Rs 1,999 and is available now through its official website and some e-commerce sites. No doubt, this is one of the best in class earphone at this price range, but before you plan to buy this earphone let’s take a closer look at this earphone. So, today we will review it to find out Is it really a worth buy product?

Inbox Contents and Specifications

Starting from the inbox items, out of the box, you’ll get a Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth Earphone, a micro USB cable for charging which can be connected with any adapter, two sets of ear tips of different sizes to fit in your ear canal, and a user manual.

As far its specifications are concerned, this earphone runs on the latest Bluetooth 5.0. Also, it supports HSP1.0/HFP1.5/A2DP1.0/AVRCP1.3 Bluetooth communication protocols. Also, It has a working range of 8-10 meters in which it can work easily without signal bleeding. Apart from this, it is based on 12mm drivers and has about 60 meters long cable.

Design and Build

Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth earphone has a comes with Neckband design which let you carry this earphone on your neck. In addition, this earphone has magnetic ear heads which stick together when you are not using it making it act as a necklace. Also, they are perfectly crafted to fit in your ear canal without any problem and has amazing grip in the ear.

Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth earphone is made up of good quality plastic giving it a tough look. As per our perspective, the build quality of this earphone is quite good for this price range. In addition, there you get a built-in controller connecting both the earbuds, This controller features volume buttons at both the ends and a generic functional button at the middle to perform some specific functions. Also, you get a microphone attached in the controller for hands-free calling.


Sound quality is the most important criteria which we look upon while buying an audiophile. Luckily, Stuffcool has packed this headphone with amazing sound quality. It has fairly good sound quality even at higher volumes. It won’t hurt your ears even if you hear songs at 100% volume level. But it is advised you not to hear sounds at higher volume levels as it may affect your hearing capacity.

Stuffcool Monty delivers crisp and clear sound over a good wireless range as this earphone runs on the latest Bluetooth 5.0. However, its Bass and treble are not much effective. Also, this earphone has amazing noise isolation and isolates about 85-90 percents of the external noise to give you amazing listening experience. So at the whole, this earphone has an amazing sound quality for this price.

Battery and Performance

The best plus point of Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth earphone is its Battery Capacity. It comes with a huge 180 mAh battery which can deliver non-stop entertainment for about 9 hours once on a full charge which takes hardly 2 hours. And as promised by the company, it actually has a huge battery life as we have tested it for a whole working day and really it worked for 10-12 hours which is far more than as specified by the company itself which is the best feature of this earphone as per our view. While this earphone takes about 2 hours for the complete charge from 0-100.

As we mentioned earlier, it comes with a built-in mic for calling purpose but it didn’t work well in our case. Although, it worked well in the silent environment, but in the moderate crowd, It fails to transmit the voice to the other end clearly. So overall, its mic performance is not much effective. Also, this earphone is not water resistant which you might expect at this price range. Meanwhile, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 which let you to connect this earphone with two device simultaneously which is another plus point of this earphone.


As per our review, this is an amazing set of earphones under a fair price range of Rs 2000. It delivers amazing sound quality, has fairly a good build quality, runs over the latest Bluetooth 5.0, and has a huge battery life which is a complete package which a user expects from a Bluetooth earphone. So in the end, we can conclude this earphone as a worth buy product from Stuffcool.

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Stuffcool Monty Bluetooth Earphone

This is one of the best Bluetooth Earphone under Rs 2,000. This earphone is loaded with all the features which an audiophile lover looks for in an earphone. Out of which, the best feature is its Huge Battery life. So overall, its a worth buy!

  • Design
  • Build Quality
  • Sound Quality
  • Battery Life
  • Performance

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