Street Fighter V Update Version 2.07 with a New Dojo Stage


Street Fighter V did a great job since it has been launched on PS4 and on PC, and previously, Capcom teased a Dojo stage that will be available for the near future. The teaser that Capcom has made is finally here and is now available on the PC and PS4 game versions.

This is a large update as it is about more than 17 GB on the PS4 and PC. It will update the game to version 2.07 on the PS4 and version 3109590 on PC. According to the Street Fighter’s 5 update 2.07 patch notes, the new update has added an online Dojos, Halloween & Darkstalkers costumes, various fixes for game crashing, stuttering/lag, server performance, and a lot more.

As mentioned above, one of the highlights of this update is the new Dojo Stage. This new feature will bring huge possibilities of improvement to your creativity and your ability to meet like-minded individuals. You can like and create any Dojo that you prefer, whether you prefer players with the same character, players in the same country, or even players with the same preferences as yours.

The new Dojo Stage is for free, players will only need to syncs their account on the official Shadaloo C.R.I. website and join a dojo. The Dojo stage has a look of a traditional dojo with an open area, wooden accents, and rays of light shining through, and a fresh look giving you a place for meditation. Even though it looks like a traditional one, the Dojo stage can be customized based on what you prefer.

To take customize your own Dojo stage, just go to the “Customize Dojo” menu, the current representation of your dojo and the available objects that you can use to decorate the stage are all there. Personalizing your stage is fun, as there is a lot of objects that you can obtain such as vehicles, instruments, plants, statues, sports items, and a lot more.

You can also manage your Dojo, and participate with Dojo rankings. This update is obviously great and adds huge impact in terms of the game’s gameplay. Aside from the new Dojo Stage, there are also a lot of new improvements that has been added to the game, so that you can have a better gaming experience. The patch notes of the Version 2.07 is also available.

Here is the full set of official patch notes.

■Additional Content
— Additional Costume (“Morrigan”): Chun-Li
— Additional Costume (“Felicia”): Menat
— Additional Costume (“Demitri”): Ed
— Additional Costume (“Halloween”): Kolin
— Additional Costume (“Halloween”): Abigail
— Additional Costume (“Halloween”): Guile
— Additional Costume (“Halloween”): Falke

■New Features and Updates
— Implemented the “Dojo”, a web-compatible feature.
— Added “DLC Bestsellers” in “Shop”.
“Featured” introduces new and popular content.
“Ranking” introduces the most downloaded content (updated every hour).
“Recommended” introduces content specifically curated for you, based on your settings and LP.

— Incomplete Extra Battles will now be displayed in the pop-up message upon login.
— The Extra Battle explanations have been clarified (Ex: “You will receive the reward for the first completion only; subsequent victories provide you with EXP.”).
— When there is less than 24 hours left to complete Missions and Extra Battles, the time limit will be displayed as “12:34 remaining”.
— The number of wins and win streak in Vs Mode will be reset upon selecting “Return to Battle Settings.”

■ Fighting Chance
–Get Vega’s Classic Additional Costume through “The Naked Nobleman”, now underway in Fighting Chance.
–Added “Dojo Fortune”, where you can obtain Dojo Objects to customize the look of the Dojo stage. The current prize is “E Tank Tower.”

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