Strategies and Tips on Increasing Likes on Instagram


Most brands today utilize Instagram hoping to convert a huge portion of the platform’s hundreds of Millions of users to be their customer. So to help out, we present this guide that could open the door of Instagram success using strategies and tips on increasing likes on Instagram. If you don’t want to fall behind other brands in the platform, take a peek on what’s below.

Capture High-Quality Images

Instagram is a platform that focuses on the aesthetics of photos and videos so it comes naturally that you have to capture high-quality images. This task doesn’t actually require the use of DSLR just to create an awesome Instagram post. In fact, you only need to be a little bit creative and take note get good lighting.

A modern smartphone is highly recommended if you want to capture HQ photos on the go. The more aesthetically eye-pleasing images are, the more likes it receives.

Utilize Filter Scheme Consistently

Instagram accounts featuring the same filter scheme is pleasing to the eye. Moreover, being consistent with utilizing filtering scheme could build your brand given that it creates a visual identity on your Instagram account. With this, people could easily recognize you amidst different posts on their feed. It will also draw interest in your profile which helps you gain consistent Instagram likes.

Use Local Hashtags

This tool is an excellent way to connect with potential customers near you. Simply do Google search and ask for top Instagram accounts in a specific area. This will give you hashtags people use for their photos on the platform.

Once you find out the right hashtags to use, utilize them on your next post to connect with people and Instagram accounts that might have an interest in featuring your business or photos. This helps to gain you more likes and followers on Instagram.

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