Story Of A Canceled Masoukishin Game


Super Robot Wars OG Begins on PS3 and PS Vita would have featured Ricardo Silveira, the pilot of Zamzeed in Masoukishin 1.

On October 12, Bandai Namco held a new stream for the Super Robot Wars series and while no new game was announced, we learned instead about a canceled game, Super Robot Wars OG Begins.

The first part of the stream was the usual, with new additions to SRW Cross Omega being announced, most notably Bokurano. The second part of the stream was a talk show with Series Producer Takanobu Terada and Soichiro Morizumi: the main writer of SRW Compact / Impact, SRW Advance, Real Robot Regiment, Namco x Capcom and its successors: SRW OG Mugen no Frontier and Project X Zone.

The talk show was over four hours and didn’t last six hour as initially announced, however, Morizumi and Terada brought up tons of interesting subjects. In particular, Terada showed us the Powerpoint presentation for a canceled Super Robot Wars OG game, planned for a digital-only release on PS3 and PS Vita.

Note that the following contains spoilers for Super Robot Wars Gaiden Masoukishin The Lord of Elemental.

Tentatively titled Super Robot Wars OG Begins, the game would take place before the events of Super Robot Wars OGs / OG 1, and before Masoukishin The Lord of Elemental. The game was planned to be around 26 stages in total, with stages both on La Gias and on Earth.

What’s even more interesting is how the protagonist was supposed to be Ricardo Silveira, the Brazilian pilot of Zamzeed, the Earth Masoukishin, in the first part of Masoukishin 1. As you already know if you’re reading this article in the first place, Ricardo sacrifices himself to protect Tyutti in Masoukishin 1, with Mio Sasuga later becoming the new pilot of Zamzeed. Since each Masoukishin pilot has their own specific Familiars, Super Robot Wars OG Begins would have revealed Ricardo’s familiars as well: Amedeo, Mericur, and Joricurl.

Super Robot Wars OG Begins would have also focused on Shu Shirakawa and his past, with his activities in the Volkruss cult, and how he developed the Granzon, explaining the black box inside of it (that was later explained in 2nd Super Robot Wars OG).

Super Robot Wars OG Begins would have also featured characters and mecha appearing in the OG game following it, which should be Moon Dwellers. It’s hard to say when OG Begins was planned because Terada didn’t give an actual date, and he doesn’t remember much himself. He only said he wrote the proposal for the game “Before F”, which I assume he meant before Masoukishin F. That would mean somewhere around 2012-2013, as Masoukishin F was released on August 29, 2014.

Terada also explained they ended up never doing the content that would have been in this game. What they show in 2nd Super Robot Wars OG and in Dark Prison isn’t from Super Robot Wars OG Begins.

One of the reasons why the game was canceled is because it was too Masoukishin series focused. And the Masoukishin series isn’t as popular as the main SRW OG series. That’s also why the name OG Begins was temporary, as it was more of a Masoukishin game than an regular OG game.

You can watch that part of the stream yourself starting the 4:07:00 timestamp:

Stay tuned as we’ll soon publish a summary of the rest of the talk show in a separate article.

Super Robot Wars will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021, and it’s very likely we’l get then a new game on PS4, PS5, PC via Steam, and Switch.

In the past, Takanobu Terada already talked about another canceled Super Robot Wars project, featuring only Showa era mecha anime.

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