Stardew Valley’s Multiplayer Update for Nintendo is Now in Submission


Stardew Valley, a popular indie farming simulation RPG, will just be getting better as the game’s publisher commented that the much awaited Nintendo Switch multiplayer update is slated to be released soon. The multi-player mode is, as of now, in submission for the Switch.

Also, the creator of Stardew Valley- Eric Barone- announced that he will now be self-publishing the game. Eric Barone loved the Harvest Moon series to such an extent that he went out to create a matching tribute that had each element perfect, and while doing this, he revived a number of gamers’ appreciation for the farming sim genre. Stardew Valley was a cheerful and lighthearted story out and out.

In the middle of developing the game, the creator partnered with the publisher – Chucklefish- a UK based independent games studio which is published the critically-acclaimed game Starbound. Barone stated that he was a total newbie to the video gaming industry. Chucklefish, playing the role of the publisher, supervised the distribution, console ports along with language translations of the video game. Chucklefish helped him create and put up the official wiki and assisted them in redesigning the site, to a large extent. He had further thanked Tom Coxon for doing a fantastic job attaching network code to the title, and making the game multiplayer for real.

Like it or not, things have taken a turn. The developer is now geared up for moving ahead on his own from the third week of December. He announced that he considers self-publishing to be the ultimate target for a majority of indie game developers. Barone added that he is delighted to be in a position where he can do so.

Additional updates regarding the future of the game are expected to be released soon. Chucklefish will continue publishing Starview Valley for Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms, which includes the upcoming Android variant. Chucklefish stated that they are happy to play a role in the Stardew Valley story. They wished Barone success with his forthcoming self-publishing venture. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex for updates.

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