Stardew Valley is Now Available on iPhone and iPad Worldwide


Stardew Valley has been announced earlier this month, and it is now available for iOS. You can download the game for $7.99 download on the App Store, and this newly ported game is optimized for both iPhone and iPad to bring a great gaming experience into the touchscreen devices.

Stardew Valley is an in-depth simulation game where players are will play take over on tasks such as taking over a small, failing farm, working to bring it back to prosperity by planting and tending crops, raising animals, and crafting goods to sell.

Aside from the peaceful setting, this game also offers the players to fight monsters to earn some money, mine ores, fish, interact with the townspeople, and participate in social activities in the town. The game story goes through the different seasons with various crops and activities to do as the game will progress through every year.

Not just like the other ported version, the Stardew Valley for iPhones and iPads is a full version of the game that is almost identical to all the other versions. And as we have mentioned above, a touch-based controls support suitable for the iPhone and iPad is added.

The single-player content from the 1.3 patch is also available. But on the other hand, the Stardew Valley for iOS does not support multiple players. The good news is, if you have previously played Stardew Valley on its PC version, you can transfer your save data to iOS via iTunes.

Here is the full feature of the game provided by the developer:

  • Supports iPhone and iPad gaming, just make sure to check on the App Store page whether the game is compatible with your iOS version
  • It’s the full game, not a cut down version, and plays almost identically to all other versions. The main difference is that it has been rebuilt for touch-screen gameplay on iOS (new UI, menu systems and controls)
  • £7.99 / $7.99 / 8,99 € with no in-app purchases
  • Includes 1.3 single player content, such as the Night Market, but not Multiplayer
  • PC players can transfer their save data to the iOS version via iTunes – but make sure to always back up your save data first! Mods are not supported, and any save data transferred containing mods may cause compatibility issues.

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