Star Wars: Squadrons Black Friday 2020 Deals Blast It Down To $17


Star Wars: Squadrons, the newest video game adaptation of the Star Wars series, is unlike anything we’ve seen from the franchise in recent years. It’s a first-person space combat game with a heavy emphasis on multiplayer, and despite having released just last month, you can expect to see it steeply discounted for Black Friday 2020.

Multiplayer is certainly the focus of Squadrons, but it also includes a single-player story campaign where you’ll play as members of both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. Squadrons allows you to pilot a variety of starships from both factions, including iconic ships like the X-Wing and TIE Fighter. You’ll be able to unlock various upgrades and modifications in multiplayer that allow you to cater your ship to your preferred play style.

Although Squadrons was only released on PS4 and Xbox One (as well as PC), the console versions are also playable on next-gen hardware through backwards compatibility. Alongside improved load times, there are other benefits–particularly on Xbox. You can play at up to 4K and 120fps on Series X or 1440p and 120fps on Series S. Playing on PS5 will run the PS4 Pro version of the game with improved lighting.

EA had originally suggested that it would not be releasing new content for Squadrons, but that recently changed. The developer has announced plans for updates that will , among other things.

For more on what to expect, check out our Star Wars: Squadrons review. And if you’re looking for other notable discounts, head over to our Black Friday info roundup and look at the best Black Friday gaming deals.

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