Star Control: Origins is Back Again on Steam and GOG


Star Control: Origins which has been removed from Steam and GOG after facing a DMCA takedown has now been revived again on both of these platforms.

Earlier in this month, Star Control has got a DMCA takedown by the original creators of Star Control II, Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford who claims that the idea used in the Star Control: Origins has been taken from the original series. Also, they filed the DMCA takedown because they believe that the mechanism that has been used in the Star Control: Origin is violating copyrights of the original Star Control II.

“We don’t claim to have a copyright on all interstellar travel, but we do have a copyright on the specific way we expressed interstellar travel in Star Control II. We see many such examples in Star Control: Origins where its expression is substantially similar to and/or derivative of our copyright-protected work, without our permission,” Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford wrote back earlier in this month.

However, Stardock calls this DMCA notice as “abuse” stating that they didn’t copy any idea or mechanism from the original series and they also post a chart that was used by Reiche and Ford to illustrate the similarities Star Control: Origins shares with the original game. Thereafter, they discussed with both Valve and GOG about this who already have the idea about this now, finally, they succeed to revive their title and now Star Control: Origins is live again on Steam and GOG.

“We believe that gamers, developers and all those who believe in free artistic expression can see the potential harm self-evident in the claims Reiche and Ford are attempting to make here. The ultimate ends of such claims could potentially be disastrous for anyone wishing to make such games and not something we accept as a matter of course,” Stardock mentioned on its official blog.

Star Control: Origin is now available for PC. You can it from Steam and GOG.

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