Square Enix Releases All-New AR-Based Dragon Quest Walk Game


Augmented Reality is something that everyone wants to explore. In today’s generation, manufacturers of Smartphones and other Electronic Gadgets are implementing new technologies to make the most of their devices. Square Enix, a popular Game Developer has released an all-new AR-Based Dragon Quest Walk Game.

Yes, the brand-new Augmented Reality based game, Dragon Quest Walk Game has been released by Square Enix. The aim behind launching this game is to give a tough competition to the industry dominator, Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is undoubtedly the best and most popular AR-Based game on the market.

The company has further said that they are launching this game this year and it will be made available to maximum regions of the world. The game has already created a huge buzz around the technology and gaming market as it is going to give a tough competition to the existing Pokemon Go game.

The new Dragon Quest Walk game will be released for Android and iOS Smartphone Platforms. Unfortunately, we are not sure which regions will be getting this game first as the gaming giant has not spoken anything about it yet.

Japanese Game Developers are the world’s best developers and we already know how they are good at developing iconic games for different gaming consoles and smartphone platforms.

Interestingly, Square Enix released the beta edition of this game on June 11th in Japan. The game has been played by thousands of gamers who are currently sending feedbacks and bugs-related information to the developer using their official forum page.

Apart from this, they have also shared an official Trailer of the game a few days ago. The game has made every game excited about it as it would be the top-class AR-based game of the new generation.

Of course, Pokemon Go is getting regular update and people will not switch their minds at the early stage. However, those of you who love to try out AR-based game, this new game will soon knock your door. Stay tuned with us for more information about this game and its availability.

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