Spotify Roll Out Stand-alone App for Wear OS Smartwatches


If you are an owner a Wear OS Smartwatch, and you love streaming music from Spotify, there is a great news for you. Spotify has announced the release of new standalone app exclusive for smartwatches on Oct 17, the Spotify Wear OS App. You can now leave your smartphone out when listening to music.

The function of this application is similar with the Spotify Gear, an already existing standalone app, but limited for Wear OS Galaxy Watch app version only, and it has no offline storage capabilities or local music playback.

Spotify Wear OS App offers a capability to control your music playback, browse your recently played music and podcasts just by using the Spotify app on your smartwatch. You can use Spotify Connect though to stream your music to any connected headset or speaker, but a standalone app having controls in your wrist is far more convenient than ever. It is also more lightweight compared to the normal Spotify Android app.

You can also use the Spotify Connect to stream music from your smartwatch to speakers or any other connected devices, leaving your phone out in the process. Kind of a great app isn’t it, of course, the goal of this app is for a more convenient and easier way of enjoying the rhythm of your music.

Aside from that, the Spotify Wear OS app will also let you to easily save songs to your favourites. When you encounter a song that you love while listening to any of Spotify’s playlists, just tap the heart icon so that you can save it.

Some smartwatch manufacturers have seen the potential of this new standalone app. The Spotify Wear OS app will be pre-installed on Fossil Gen 4 and Michael Kors Access Runway smartwatches, which means, you don’t need to download it in the PlayStore as it is already available for you.

According to Spotify, their new Wear OS app will become globally available on Google Play Store over the next few weeks, but as of now, it is not available yet. Stay tuned with TechnoCodex to be updated.

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