Spotify Premium: Best Music Streaming Service for Android 2018


Spotify is one of the best music streaming service out there which has given a really tough competition to other music streaming giants: Google Play Music, Apple Music, Youtube Premium, Tidal, etc. The service itself is of two type, one Spotify free version and the other a paid Spotify Premium version. Spotify premium version is touted to be the best music streaming service for Android out there in 2018. It offers options as great music discovery which includes a weekly curated playlist only for you, and music sharing with friends.

Spotify premium comes at the cost of $10/month, but the services provided makes it worth it. Following features make Spotify Premium the best music streaming service :

1● No ads

Spotify free forces you to listen to ads before playing your song. Spotify is such forceful that you can’t turn your volume down on these ads, so this makes it a big deal. It becomes more irritating when you are listening to songs in the background, but the ad just gets on repeating. With Spotify Premium all these ads are gone, and you get uninterrupted music streaming.

2● Skips unlimited

In the free version, you can’t skip songs in a certain playlist and also in radio. With Spotify Premium you are not limited to shuffled songs only, now one can skip tracks according to one’s mood, and this applies for the radio too!

3● Spotify Offline

In the free version, you have to be connected to the internet for playing songs, so no song when offline. With Spotify Premium, you can sync your favourite music offline. It saves a lot of data and also helps you listen to songs when you are not connected to Wi-Fi, like while travelling. It helps you save up to 3,333 songs each on three different devices with one premium account. Just connect the device to the internet once in 30 days to keep the audio running.

4● Play any track

With the free version, the shuffled playlist allows you to listen to songs within a certain playlist and can’t choose what song to play next. With premium version, you can choose as many songs and playlists as you want. You can skip songs, and you have an unlimited song collection for freedom of selection.

5● High-Quality Audio

For mobile, Spotify free offers two audio qualities: Normal 96 Kbps quality, and a high 160 Kbps quality. The lower default helps in data saving, but the quality still remains limited to 160 Kbps. With premium, you get an extreme best quality of 320 Kbps. This is the best quality available and lets your quality speakers or headphones actually work.

6● Spotify Connect

The premium subscription, allows you to use Spotify connect. Spotify connect helps in controlling Spotify music across multiple devices. This means you can control what’s playing on your smartphone or laptop or desktop or tablet from one device to another. You can also pair Spotify with other hardware like speakers, cars etc. It is very helpful while controlling music at a party or from a distance.

7● Pricing is awesome

If you are into music, Spotify premium offers a great deal. Through a $ 10/month you can use Spotify on a max of three devices. You can listen to unlimited high-quality music at the cost of 1 album. If you have a circle of friends or family, then each member can use it, and for three people it comes at just $ 3.33.

Spotify Premium comes with all the features you actually want from an Online Music Streaming Service at just $ 10/month for three devices. It helps greatly in saving space on laptops or mobiles. The offline feature helps you sync all your favourites in a device in best quality.

In comparison with other services, Spotify premium proves to be an excellent all-rounder yet at very effective pricing. The “Discover weekly” is a personalised playlist built on your taste is too great for you. As Spotify is available on each device and Operating system, you will not worry to choose a device to use upon.

Spotify premium has almost 70 million subscribers till 2018. If you are still in doubt, just subscribe for one month. You will not regret!

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