Sony’s Latest Bravia TVs Finally Deliver The Full PS5 Promise


Sony’s Bravia XR TVs in 2020 were marketed alongside the company’s PlayStation 5, despite a range of them failing to support many of the new HDMI 2.1 features that the console shipped with. In 2021, Sony has learnt from that mistake, announcing its latest range of Bravia TVs ahead of CES next week.

Irrespective of which of the new Bravia sets you purchase in 2021, every single model will support the full suite of HDMI 2.1 feature out of the box; no future firmware updates required. This goes for the new premium Z9J Master Series 8K down to the X90J 4K. This includes Variable Refresh Rate, eARC, 120Hz support at 4K, and more. Additionally, the entire range will support Dolby Vision HDR.

Unlike Samsung, Sony isn’t drastically changing its display technology in 2021. The range of new sets still consists of a mix between OLED and LCD panels, with the Master Series Z9J 8K, A90J 4K, and A80J 4K range making use of the former. LCD sets will benefit from more local dimming zones to reduce blooming, especially with HDR content, but Sony hasn’t specified exactly how many.


Sony is also boasting big advances in its image processing technology, with a new Cognitive Processor XR chip that Sony believe will be better at enhancing images than traditional AI-powered solutions. The Master series OLED sets will also be able to adjust image brightness according to measured light levels in a room, but unlike this feature on LG’s OLED TVs this can be turned off.

The full range of Bravia XR sets can be found below, with Sony promising release date and pricing information during spring later this year.

Sony Bravia XR 2021 Range

Z9J Master Series 8K (Full-array LCD)

A90J Master Series 4K (OLED)

A80J 4K (OLED)

X95J 4K (Full-array LCD)

X90J 4K (Full-array LCD)

  • 100-inch
  • 75-inch
  • 65-inch
  • 55-inch
  • 50-inch




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