Sony Confirmed PlayStation 5 Launch in 2020 With New Controller Features


After seven years since the debut of Sony PlayStation 4, the company has announced its successor – The PlayStation 5. This new console is going to hit the market in 2020, specifically the holiday season of 2020. One thing for sure is that this new device will come with some substantial upgrades along with it. Sony confirmed the device name as “PlayStation 5.” CEO Jim Ryan announced the name of this new device along with some details about the controller.

This new controller for PS5 is equipped with haptic technology. Haptic technology is replacing the rumble technology which was used in previous Sony controllers. This new haptic technology will offer varied feedback depending upon the things that are happening in-game. There will be a difference in how the gamer will feel for an incident. For example, the feeling that players will get when a car crashes is different from the feel that the player gets when they stumble upon a football.

There will be new L2/R2 trigger buttons that give users a tactile sensation when they are shooting with guns or drawing a bow. Sony is planning to incorporate some massive changes on their devices.

The in-depth wired report has revealed that this new controller will have improvised speakers, better battery life along with USB Type-c charger. The game installation process will also be different in this PS5. Gamer can install one part of the multi-player game and play with it rather than installing the entire game. Sony has already started sending the early versions of these gaming controllers to the developers for their testing purpose.

When it comes to the size, PS5 is going to have 100GB optical disks for gaming purposes. The company is also moving to SSD in order to decrease the loading times of games. Sony is also planning on revamping the user interface and make it much simpler.

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