Sons Of Anarchy Characters, Ranked Least-Most Likely To Win The Hunger Games


What if Charming was part of the 12 Districts of Panem? Or, what if Charming was actually an alternate version of Panem? The people in the fictional tiny town in California are accustomed to violence, mayhem, and backstabbing, hence the chaotic Hunger Games wouldn’t seem like such an alien concept to them.

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To them, it’ll be another day to watch their backs, not knowing who is likely to leap from the shadows. President Snow, The Gamemakers, and the privileged citizens at the Capitol will enjoy watching these tributes more than any others that have been seen before. Hopefully, the SAMCRO members will be allowed to take their cool bikes with them.

10 Opie

Opie is unlikely to last long because he is merciful. He isn’t a capable fighter either. When he and Bobby are tasked with whacking a man in season 1, he freezes when he is about to shoot, forcing Bobby to step up and do it. He doesn’t do anything to Tig either for killing Donna. Despite having a weapon, Opie is unable to fight off Damon Pope’s goons in season 5, leading to his death.

There is a chance that Opie will also hesitate to kill people at the arena. His conscience will bite him as a fellow tribute will quickly take him out. His lack of proper fighting skills means he won’t survive if he encounters the Wolf Mutts or Monkey Mutts either.

9 Unser

Unser best fits in the Career Tribute category. He is supposed to be well prepared for events like this since it’s what he has trained for his entire life but he’ll still fall short. Unlike normal tributes who are used to fighting for everything, career tributes who come from the wealthier districts 1, 2, and 4 tend to be overconfident.

Just as Unser underestimates how far Jax will go to get revenge on Gemma for killing Tara during his final scene in the series, he will also assume that ordinary tributes will respect him and let him have his way because of his higher class. Instead, he will be brutally eliminated.

8 Juice

sons of anarchy season 7 juice confession

Since many view Juice is the least intimidating SAMCRO member, he is targeted most by enemies. Agent Potter threatens him and turns him into a rat. The Triads also target him in prison, brutally raping and attempting to force him into doing their bidding.

However, Juice is severely underestimated by all. He kills fellow SAMCRO member Miles to protect himself and also kills Lin in prison after extracting a confession from him.

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At the arena, Juice would be frequently targeted thanks to the constant look of anxiety and worry on his face. He will probably survive to the quarter-way point of the games, thanks to his ruthlessness but the attacks targeted at him will be too many that they’ll eventually make him weaker, hence unable to fight as hard.

7 Bobby

Bobby’s endurance is worth awing at. He can persevere intense pain for long periods of time as evidenced by the time he gets tortured by August Marks’ men. This means that he will keep going for a while even after being wounded by a tribute to a Mutt.

Despite his size, Bobby is a maestro of fisticuffs and wrestling. He proves this on several occasions, including the fight with the carnies in season 1. He’ll thus be able to take out a number of opponents at the arena using his bare hands.

6 Clay

Sons of Anarchy - Clay Morrow in the dark

Given his lust for power and total control, Clay fits better at the Capitol. But life doesn’t always go the way one wants, so he finds himself at the arena, fighting for survival.

As a skilled fighter, Clay will definitely kill plenty of opponents. His backstabbing nature guarantees scenarios where he’ll use fellow tributes as human shields. No one will trust him and this will create a problem for him since he’ll be on his own. His selfish nature will make him grab food from a fellow tribute, the way Foxface did, only for the food to turn out to be poisonous nightlock berries.

5 Tara

Two things will make Tara survive for a longer period in the game—her tough personality and protection from Jax. At first glance, one might think she can’t harm a fly but she has proven to be very capable of inflicting injury.

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She brutally assaults her boss Margaret who is trying to bully her at work. At the games, she will also get the better of opponents who make the mistake of thinking she is weak. Jax will also kill off some enemies for her since she is his one and only true love. Chances are that someone will strike her when she least expects it, the same way Gemma did.

4 Tig

As SAMCRO’s most violent member, Tig has committed many heinous and violent acts, which does not disturb him.

With this kind of personality, Tig will be one of the biggest threats in the Hunger Games. He’ll have a field day murdering fellow contestants. One shouldn’t bet on him being killed by a fellow human either. If he’s to fall, it’ll be due to an anticipated calamity, such as a trap or a tree falling on him.

3 Gemma

Gemma is the queen of violence. She beats up Cherry with a skateboard for sleeping with Clay, threatens several other women, and brutally murders Tara. Not to forget that she conspires to have her first husband John Teller killed.

Given that she doesn’t value the life of family, she would have no problem killing people from her own district in order to win. She might be stopped by someone like Jax but she’ll definitely be among the three last contestants

2 Jax

Jax is a skilled fighter who has an easy time eliminating his enemies for most of the series. He is quick when it comes to drawing weapons and knows how to watch his back.

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In the series, Jax killed himself because he refused to meet Mr. Mayhem, get arrested, or be eliminated by his numerous enemies. In the same manner that Peeta and Katniss choose to eat nightlock berries instead of doing what the Capitol wants, Jax will want to go out on his own terms too, instead of killing a SAMCRO brother that’s still alive.

1 Chibs

Tommy Flanagan as Chibs in Sons of Anarchy

Chibs is the perfect blend of brain and brawn. Unlike his fellow SAMCRO members, he isn’t impulsive. He knows how to wait for the right time before striking. That’s how he manages to take out his long term foe Jimmy O. He is easy to trust too and rarely feuds with anyone. He is likable to the point that a police officer falls in love with him.

With these qualities, Chibs will form great alliances with fellow tributes during the games. Enemies will find themselves adoring him instead of eliminating him. Together with Jax, he is likely to find himself in a Peeta and Katniss situation.

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