Snapchat launches its own multi-player gaming platform


Forget about sending Snaps and make conversations on Snapchat as the company has just announced its new Mario Party-style multi-player gaming platform to enhance your gaming experience while snapping out with your friends and loved ones.

The company has added a new gaming platform to the existing app which lets users play integrated games on the Snapchat app. To make this possible, the company has partnered with more developers and brought up a series of games with its new venture.

The Snap Games can be played with your loved ones and friends in real-time with its multi-player mode. You can keep on texting and talking with your friends while playing the games. The Snap Games are rolling out to iOS and Android platforms starting from today itself.

To promote things within this newly developed gaming platform, Snapchat will show you six seconds ad or promotional video which will help you to boost up your character’s power. You will earn in-game currency which can be spent on various things within the game.

The developers will get full share of the revenue generated by the gamers through this platform. It is hard to play such games with promotional ads in between; however, the company is claiming that you will have a great time playing the popular game with your real-friends. To make the platform more excited, there will be a new competition chart available to check your score and earnings in real-time.

To announce this Snap Game platform, the company has held its very first press-conference or we can say an open event. These games will be much more fun and will give tough competition to Facebook Messenger’s in-gaming platform.

Fortunately, the Snap Games are already integrated with the platform and you don’t have to download the games separately. All the games can be explored through the Rocket button given within the Chat section. You have to browse the available games and select the game which you want to play from the screen itself.

The platform is already containing a list of exciting games which are ther ready-to-play. You can engage with your real-friends and can start a new journey within Snapchat’s own Snap Game platform.

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