Snapchat Launches Friendship Profiles, Bitmoji Merch and Comic Strips into its Platform


Snapchat launches new features into its platform including the new Friendship Profiles to celebrate your relationships with your best friends. The new addition also includes Bitmoji-centric features, including the Bitmoji Stories and custom Bitmoji merchandise that will be available through the platform.

The Friendship Profile feature will evaluate some of the highlights of the conversations shared between you and your friends. It will show some of the things that you and your friends have saved over your time bonding with each other through Snapchat.

Both of your locations will also appear on the Snap Map, if you and your friend choose to. The company says that this feature emphasizes more on friendship, and for you to find it easy to highlight what you have shared with each other.  The Friendship Profiles has started rolling out, and it will be available to users globally in the coming weeks.

Another new feature is the Bitmoji content which includes the Bitmoji Stories and Bitmoji Merchandise. The Bitmoji Stories are simply comic strip stories that can be found in the Discover feed. These Bitmoji Stories are all personalized based on friends of specific users making appearances. It is now live, and currently, it is only exclusive for English speakers.

The second one is the Bitmoji Merch, it is simply an e-commerce feature in the platform. It is a feature where Snapchat users can purchase products such as t-shirts, mugs, shower curtains, phone cases, and more with Bitmoji ‘Friendmojis’ on them. These are personalized items as it will feature your Bitmoji and a friend’s Bitmoji as a design.

This feature will start rolling out tomorrow, November 15. You can access it by going to the Settings menu in Snapchat, and select the Snap Store. Unfortunately, this feature will only be available for iOS users in the United States, but it will expand its reach over the course.

Snapchat claims that these features will soon become available on all users worldwide. So stay tuned with TechnoCodex and we will bring you all of its latest updates.

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