Smart Products – Choose a Gadget You Need Quickly And Easily


Today we live in a wonderful time. It is time when inventions have become affordable, entertaining, and quick. The speed of science and technology is high. Imagine, just ten years ago such usual devices as Alexa, smart home gadgets from Nest, a Hub controller, and others were not even projected. All cool, smart devices come through the international exhibition CES. has picked the best new devices and electronic systems into one article, so you can find what you need instantly. Read about the tech products of CES 2018 that will amaze you in the nearest future.

Smart Products For Your Everyday Needs

  • Moviphone. From first sight, it is a usual tablet phone. Except maybe its width – 10.2 mm. Placing a powerful laser into the device is necessary. This smartphone can work as a projecting camera. Find a big flat surface in your house and watch movies or play games on a massive screen.

  • Xiaomi 90FUN Puppy 1. It is a smart suitcase that follows its owner. The device moves after pressing a button on a special remote control panel. An in-built driving gear lets a suitcase move forward and backwards. Puppy avoids obstacles and other people as well. The suitcase can override surface imperfections and sloping surfaces (up to 30⁰). It opens by fingerprint scanning. One can hardly open or damage the case, as it consists of a sturdy aluminum alloy. The volume of a suitcase is 30 liters. You can easily remove the connected lithium battery to avoid problems with airport security.

  • Nokia Sleep. This device from a Finnish company has wifi and IFTTT connections. The gadget is easy to use – place it under your bed, connect it with an application, and track your sleep. Integration with smart home system allows the device to give commands for TV sets and lights.

  • Matrix PowerWatch X. This watch does not need charging. It converts the heat of your body into energy. The watch will use the same technology to track your life parameters and activity. Control your calories, walks and many other useful things through the Bluetooth connected application.

  • Myant Skiin. Myant company decided to develop an idea of a smart wearable. It has produced the underwear with a set of sensors to track different parameters of your body. The sensors require charging of course. The producer has solved the problem by adding small easy removable batteries. The producer promises that the underwear will connect to various smart home services for further automation. For instance, the underwear will set the temperature in the home according to the temperature of the body. As a result, Skiin smart underwear is the strangest and the most intriguing technology in the list of

  • L’Oreal UV Sense. Those who care about skin and beauty will love this small sensor. The device tracks the level of ultraviolet ray impact. The NFC chip will send the data to your smartphone.

These are the most exciting gadgets has found at CES 2018. Some of them are still in development, and some are already available. Choose what you like most of all and make wonderful presents or tease yourself. The future is near, and here you are closer to it.


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