Skype Design Overhauling Goes to Simplification


Skype is a great app for messages, voice calls, and video calls. It was popular all over the world and used by lots of peoples with different communication needs. Skype is appealing to people until they made it a bit different and Microsoft implied the WhatsApp-like design into it. Yes it is beautiful and stylish, but people are complaining because it is not the same way as it was before, some new design that made them confused, and made Skype not that easy to use especially for non-Skype users before.

In a recent blog post, Microsoft decided to take a different attack to their Skype to make it popular again, it is to take its design into its classical look and make look like it was before.  Microsoft decided to put it back to basics, highlighting the main goal and feature of it, for messaging, calling, and for video calls. So they decided to remove some underrated features and put some clean UI.

We have to say goodbye for Highlights and Capture, according to a blog post about its recent fancy look, “it didn’t resonate with a majority of users” so it is better to kick it out of the application. But worry not, you still have until September 30 to save their highlights until it is totally out of the sight, so you better act as soon as possible.

Microsoft have their purpose of removing some of the unwanted features rather than kicking it off because it was underrated. The goal is to simplify the app and make a clean UI for it to attract the simple users again and highlight its major goal as mentioned before. There is an overhauling for the application for Android, IOS, and for PCs. The three buttons (Chat, Calls, Contacts) will be placed at the bottom of the top for its mobile application.  For its desktop version, the Chat, Calls, Contacts, and Notifications will be moved into the top left of the window. That makes the application simple, clean, and easy to use.

There is also a new feature in terms of the app’s customization options.  Aside from the new Dark theme, they will also introduce a new Classic mood introducing the classical light blue theme. These great looks are now available on the desktop and mobile application. Microsoft will surely do the thing just to make their app go to the top again, just stay updated and we will bring the latest news and contents for you.

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