Skype for Android and iOS Get Cortana Assistant Support


Microsoft has earlier released a version of its Cortana digital assistant for Android. Today, the company has announced an update for Skype chat apps that adds built-in support for Cortana. The update is available for both Android and iOS enable devices.

According to Microsoft, the Cortana feature in Skype will offer users quick suggestions to respond to text chats. For example, if your Skype friend asks if you are going to the movies tomorrow, Cortana will pop up some suggested answers to that question, such as “Yes”, “No” or something else.

Further more, Cortana might also show some other kinds of information based on your Skype chat responses, such as a review of a movie or restaurant you might be discussing. If you have something on your schedule that you are chatting about with a friend in Skype, Cortana can also recommend setting up a reminder for that event.

Lastly, you can also chat directly with Cortana herself (itself?) and ask questions like what the weather forecast is looking like for the weekend, or asking for suggestions for the best places to eat that are nearby. At the moment, the Cortana feature in Skype for Android and iOS is only available in the US; there’s no word yet on when it might expand to other countries.

This latest expansion of Cortana follows news a few days ago that Windows 10 users can set it up to control smart home devices from companies like Nest, SmartThings, Hue and more.

Written with the inputs from Android Authority

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