Simple Trick to Repost Pictures on Instagram With Original Caption

Instagram is one of the most popular and famous photo sharing service which is now acquired by Facebook. Instagram has quickly lured the eyes of billions of users including celebrities. With better options for privacy and security, Instagram has quickly gained a massive user base. Instagram stories are quite interesting and no one can stop their hands from posting a story at least once a week. Be it a motivational quote or be it a moment from their personal life they are the best to share.
You may often come across such beautiful or motivational pics that inspire you or attract you, but unfortunately, unlike its parent company Facebook, Instagram doesn’t give you an option to share pics on your feed or repost the same. It allows you to share images or videos to an individual in personal.
But still, if you want to repost the images that lured your attention you can rely on some easy tricks that will help you repost the original images with ease.
While there are modified apps like GB Instagram or, that will help you extend the functionality of original Instagram to give you the abilities to download stories, save media and copy the text in bio etc, they can’t assist you in reposting an Instagram post to your feed.
You can only do this by either taking screenshot, editing and posting it with original text and credits or depending on third-party apps that are similar to the above mentioned Instagram alternative GB Insta app.
In this article, you can find all the possible ways to repost your favourite Instagram content on your feed by giving proper credits to the original creator.

  1. Reposting Media Using Screenshot Technique:

This method is the most common technique that you can do easily with basic mobile knowledge. All you need to do is to simply take the screenshot of the image and post it to Instagram with the same content and credits.
If you are not aware of how to capture a screenshot on your phone, here is a quick overview on taking screenshots.

  • Once you stumble on your favourite picture on Instagram, you have to capture its screenshot as Instagram doesn’t provide an option to save photos directly to your Gallery.
  • Now Press and hold the Volume Down and Power at a time and this will capture the active screen. This may change in some mobiles.
  • Once the image is saved, open Instagram selects the photo, crop it perfectly and apply filters if needed and post it with the caption. It is quite simple and is like just the way you use Instagram.

This method may not be as simple as described above and is also a not so easy method for some users. It consumes more time and is a hectic task to copy the captions and reshare it. Another drawback is that you can’t use this to repost videos as they can’t be captured as screenshots.

  1. Reposting To Instagram Using Apps:

There are plenty of apps that will help you to extend the functionality of Instagram and add the features that are not available in the original Instagram app. But many of them are not secure and some of them are adware. Only a few apps like GB Instagram, InstaSave, and similar apps are useful but we advise you to use these apps at your own risk.
To repost media on Instagram download Repost for Instagram – Regrann app for Android. It is a free app that will serve the purpose of reposting Insta posts with ease. It connects with Instagram easily and doesn’t require login details. Hence your data will be safe.
Steps to follow while Using Regrann app:

  • Select the Picture that you wish to repost.
  • Click on the three dots menu and choose “Copy share URL” from the options in the menu.
  • As soon as you do this Regrann will pop out automatically and give you 4 options -Repost on Instagram, repost for later, share and save.
  • To repost the picture or video click the icon that is similar to the Instagram icon. This will launch the media upload screen of Instagram.
  • To paste the original caption and hashtag long press the icon and the photo credit is added to the caption ( you can edit the caption if you prefer).
  • Once everything looks fine, simply post it and share it with your followers.

Luckily the app is also available for iOS as well and works fine on iPhones too. If you are an iOS user you can get the Regrann iOS app from the Apple App Store. The process is same as above and is easy when compared to the first method.
As Instagram is strict about posting duplicate content on its platform, it is better to credit the original author of the content. This will fetch some recognition to content creators and improves the user experience on Instagram as well. Moreover, this also helps you build healthy relationships. This is where such apps and tricks come in handy and mentioning about them is the sole purpose of this post.
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