Silent Hill Director Founds New Studio With Other Creative Heads


After a long career of working for other companies, the creator of the iconic Silent Hill franchise has founded his own studio with great talent alongside him

Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of several recognizable franchises like Silent Hill, SIREN, and Gravity Rush has left Sony Interactive Entertainment to create a new studio known as Bokeh Game Studio. Other founders alongside Toyama are Kazunobu Sato who had lead roles in the SIREN franchise as well as being a producer for The Last Guardian, and Junya Okura, who also worked on the SIREN series and was Lead Game Designer for the entire Gravity Rush franchise.

The new studio released a video on their YouTube page where the developers reminisce on the past and plan for the future showing them work on what seems to be a brand new title. Throughout the video, they show off several pieces of concept art that specifically give off the vibe of a horror or suspense game. That isn’t particularly surprising when the creator of Silent Hill is the head man in charge. The three of them recognize that it will be more challenging to create a new game through a new studio but are happy that they have much more freedom than before. While they did not go into specifics, the trio also mentioned that members of their previous teams at Sony Interactive have joined them on this new chapter in their careers.

As you can expect, we currently know nothing outside of their announcement video on any details regarding what game they are making. Despite that, I’m sure it will be something that many will look forward to with the history that these developers have.




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