Shenmue 1 and 2 HD Patch for Console Versions Delayed Until Next Week


Shenmue 1 and 2 HD brings is a classic Dreamcast RPG that a lot of people loved throughout their adulthood. Many were glad that this game is now available for the modern day gaming consoles like PC, Xbox One, and PS4 for the long wait of over 20 years. Even though the team work so hard to bring it to a modern one, bugs and glitches are expected, and it actually has some of these, like minor bugs, cut-scene issues, missing prompts and the so-called “First Person Glitch”.

Because of these issues, Sega just made a step to cope up with these bugs and glitches and had their announcement that the path will be available today. Yes, it was successfully delivered for the PC version of the game, but, the patch for Xbox One and PS4 game versions has been delayed. Because of this delay, Sega twitted some apology: “Shenmue fans! Unfortunately, the patch we planned on releasing this week isn’t ready yet and will instead be released on week commencing September 17th. We apologize for the delay but want to ensure you get the best game experience possible. We’ll have more updates soon!”

Sega did not mention any specific detail about this patch that they currently working on, we can hope that they will put a hard work removing the glitches and bugs mentioned earlier. There were also mentioned exact release date for this patch, and is just expected to come late next week. Even though the excitement was temporarily paused for some gamers, we must patiently wait as it means a better gaming experience with a lot of hard work put into the game. Once an update is available, TechnoCodex will efficiently bring it out for you.

Gamers with the PC version of Shenmue I & II can immediately download patch v2. Here are the full patch notes, taken from the Steam announcement.

• Fixed various instances of incorrect help screen text displayed around the game.
• Fixed various instances of incorrect button prompts being shown in the HUD.
• Fixed duplicated button prompts in QTE Title 2.
• Fixed an occasional issue when transitioning into the menu when in Shenmue 1.
• Fixed an issue with 2560 x 1080 UI resolutions.
• Fixed issues with resolutions wider than 2560.
• Fixed an issue with QTE prompts not flashing.
• Fixed inconsistencies when sparring in the dojo.
Graphical Issues
• Fixed various character skinning issues.
• Fixed an issue that caused bloom to re-enable itself when opening the notebook.
• Fixed an issue that would cause crushed blacks on some hardware setups.
• Fixed various instances of missing geometry and textures.
• Fixed various issues with cameras being incorrect in cut scenes.
• Fixed issues with hair sometimes rendering slightly transparent.
• Fixed some instances of missing facial animation.
• Fixed occasional issues with cloth rendering.

• Fixed an issue that caused increased CPU load on some hardware.
• Various stability improvements.
• Fixed a soft-lock when playing Shenmue 1 arcade games past Ryo’s bed time.
• Fixed an issue that could cause stuttering on monitors that support 75Hz refresh rates.
• The gong in Bunkado Antiques can now be interacted with.
• Fixing various instances of localisation issues.
• Fixed an issue in Shenmue 1 where sleeping would sometimes not update move experience.
• Various performance improvements.

• Fixed various instances of crackling background music.
• Fixed crackling while listening to cassettes.
• Fixed various issues with arcade game audio.
• Fixed issues with rain.
• Fixed issues with some sound effects not looping correctly.
• Fixed issues with some sound effects crackling.

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