ShareChat: ShareChat releases ‘Understanding India’s Next Billion Internet Users’ report


Social media platform ShareChat has released a report titled ‘Understanding India’s Next Billion Internet Users’, with Nielsen India. Nielsen India has carried out primary research to understand the overall social media usage, consumption and online behaviour. The study was conducted with 3788 respondents across 81 cities in India, with 40% of respondents coming from Tier 2 and 3 cities.
According to the findings of the report, which sought to understand the behaviour and profile of English (India) and native language (Bharat) social media users, 78% of Bharat engages in social media activity like watch/upload/create content during their leisure time. 73% of internet users sign into social networking platforms every day and they are most active between 7 PM and 11 PM. The study discovered that these users spend over 5 hours a week, signing in at least 3 times every day. Videos remain their most preferred format, and users spend up to 2 minutes on every video. 49% of users post content daily, images being the highest uploaded format closely followed by videos.
Entertainment and Networking are the major determinants for people to hop on social media platforms. The study also found that messaging, banking and payment, delivery and online shopping are the top 4 digital app fields for at least half of all social media users.
The report highlighted the fact that nearly 100% of households among the respondents interviewed had a colour television at home. On the other hand, more metro users owned air conditioners, sofa sets, water purifiers, smart/ Android TVs, while more users from Bharat preferred air coolers. Another insight, when it came to consumer durable ownership, was that the small town and rural India had as many buyers for washing machines and D2H as urban India, with 67% of respondents saying that they had a washing machine at home.




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