Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Gets New Swimsuit DLC


Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash is an action shooting game being popular in countries like Japan. It is a game where characters are equipped with water guns and play on teams featuring 36 different characters.

This game has been released in Europe for PS4, and had its physical and digital release in the North America way back September 2017. XSEED games also released the PC version of the game on March 7 via Steam. For its short time of history, it gained a lot in terms of its popularity.

Just recently yesterday, XSEED Games (the publisher of Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash) released a new update. The update features the new VR functionality allowing the players to have an interaction with the different characters.

This new set is called Sunshine Swimsuit, and it is about $9.99 for being sale up for the first two weeks and $7.99 after the sale offer. The swimsuit set includes swimsuits for Asuka, Homura, Yumi, Miyabi, and Kagura, the leaders of the Senran Kagura universe’s shinobi groups.

The name itself implies that it came from a sunshine theme. Aside from the new swimsuit sets, accessories for the mentioned characters are also available. Here is the list from the listing of DLC’s PlayStation Store:

  • Asuka’s Sunshine Garland
  • Homura’s Sunshine Garland
  • Yumi’s Sunshine Garland
  • Miyabi’s Sunshine Garland
  • Kagura’s Sunshine Garland
  • Asuka’s Sunshine Hairpin
  • Homura’s Sunshine Hairpin
  • Yumi’s Sunshine Hairpin
  • Miyabi’s Sunshine Hairpin
  • Kagura’s Sunshine Hairpin
  • Asuka’s Sunshine Necklace
  • Homura’s Sunshine Necklace
  • Asuka’s Sunshine Ribbon
  • Yumi’s Sunshine Armlet
  • Yumi’s Sunshine Bracelet
  • Miyabi’s Sunshine Bracelet
  • Yumi’s Sunshine Anklet

This new release is surely exciting, and of course, TechnoCodex will bring you its latest updates, so be sure to be updated.

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