Sega Sammy Holdings Will Move Part Of Its Arcades Developers To Games On Consoles


Sega Group told Famitsu it will shift part of the personnel and resources used on arcades machines games and amusement machines to games on consoles.

Sega Sammy Holdings announced it will shift part of its arcades game development staff to consoles. Famitsu reached out to Sega Sammy Holdings regarding the news of Sega Group selling 85.1% shares of Sega Entertainment to Genda. The shares transfer, happening on December 30, 2020, means that most of the 200 or so Amusement centers and Game Centers owned by Sega in Japan will now be owned by Genda. It’s likely many shops will be closed, however, as the sale was decided in the first place due to the crisis many shops are facing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We detailed everything we know about the shares sale alongside some hypotheses and thoughts in a dedicated story. Overall, it’s important to realize the shares sale is a business move by Sega. Perhaps the company will come back to Amusement centers management one day.

Here is our translation of the short exchange between Famitsu and Sega:

Famitsu: “Following the shares transfer to Genda, will the name Sega remain on Amusement facilities?”

Sega Sammy Holdings: “The stores’ names will be inherited with the shares transfer. The stores will be operated by a new management, but we ask our customers to keep supporting them.”

Famitsu: “We already know Sega will keep making arcade games and amusement machines, but how will this sale affect their development?”

Sega Sammy Holdings: “As you already know, Sega Group will keep developing Amusement machines. Sega Group will now shift part of its Amusement machines developing personnel to console games development, which is a growing market. We will continue to optimize the resources used on each sector according to the markets’ changes.”

When it comes to games, Sega Group develops arcades machines and games, Amusement machines such as crane games, and games on all consoles: PC, PS4, PS5, Mobile, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, etc.

Sega is launching Yakuza: Like A Dragon outside Japan on November 10. We also recently got 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim as well, and Sakura Wars on PS4. Sega also teased more Mini like consoles are coming in 2022 following the Mega Drive Mini, the Game Gear Micro and the Astro City Mini.

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