Sea of Thieves Will Be Getting Seasons and Plunder Pass Next Month


The game has also seen over 11 million players jump on board this year.

Sea of Thieves is Rare’s swashbuckling online pirate adventure that has seen a wealth of titled content launch for the game since its release back in 2017. Things are changing however as the latest video details Seasons, a Plunder Pass, and more.

Joe Neate, Executive Producer on Sea of Thieves touches on the game’s success throughout 2020, saying that there have been more players playing the game this year than previous years. Specifically, over 11 million players have jumped into the game this year. Earlier this year, Sea of Thieves became available on Steam and saw over 1 million copies sold through the digital storefront despite it being available on Xbox Game Pass.

Joe also touches on the next-generation upgrades that were detailed last month, with players expecting to see improved loading times and increased frame rates for example. Players that jump into the game on the Xbox Series X / S will also be eligible for a Duke ship set, making the ship glow with large green X’s.

Shifting to game modes, Joe details that roughly 97% of playtime is spent in Adventure mode. And as such, Rare is focused more on improving Adventure rather than other modes. “We aren’t planning to kind of continue evolving and updating Arena as part of Sea of Thieves.” He explains. “We want to make sure that we’re focusing our time and our efforts on where our players are spending the majority of their time,” he adds. He also makes it clear Arena mode isn’t going away as there are still players that are committed to that mode.

Mike Chapman, Creative Director on Sea of Thieves also jumps in to detail the plans the studio has to improve Adventure mode. One of those is “Seasons” with each one lasting at least 3 months and introducing new content to the game. Throughout the months, regular and featured live events will be taking place with a new progression system with 100 levels to go through each season. Rewards are available to be earned and quality-of-life patches will continue to be implemented. The Emporium will continue to be updated and players can still expect rewards from Twitch Drops.

Seasons will be starting in January 2021 and will see a new Merchant Alliance Voyage experience be introduced to the game, giving players clues to a lost shipment somewhere in the world. Additionally, a Plunder Pass will become available, allowing players to purchase the premium tier which will grant them access to exclusive rewards as they level up through the progression system.

Sea of Thieves will also see a Festival of Giving update arrive this month on December 9 and will be the last update to the game before the Seasons update launches in January 2021. It’s available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.




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