Scientists Create Innovative Contact Lenses That Zoom on Demand


Contact Lenses is not dead yet. Many people who don’t want to wear sunglasses love to wear Contact lenses when they go out. Now, the researchers at the University of California San Diego have created innovative lenses that could work as per your demand.

Yes, the new Contact Lenses are said to come with a new Zoom on Demand feature, according to sources. This new Contact Lense will automatically focus on near and far objects. The new lenses will work upon the eyes’ movements of the user.

It is indeed a great innovation done by scientists to focus on the next generation gadgets by adopting new technologies. This is just a prototype lens and it will take years of time to actually set on the eyes of human beings.

This prototype lens works using special components. It first detects the movements of an eye and then focuses on the object. Everything will be done quickly and you will not face any troubles while wearing the lenses.

According to sources, the Zoom function on these lenses will work with the blinking of eyes. When a user blinks for twice, the lenses will zoom in the object. What makes this lens unique is it can see anything even if a person can’t. By specific movements, this lens can see and capture things quickly.

If we talk about the materials, these lenses are prepared with stretchy polymer films. This stretchy polymer film responds to the electric signals generated by your eyes. The Electric Signals generated by eyes are called electrooculographic signals. Humans eyes can emit different types of rays while they are sleeping.

This prototype lens in its early stage and as mentioned above, it will take years of time to make things possible in real life. You should not leave your glasses so quickly. Scientists believe that their innovations will help in future robots which are be operated remotely.

We will update you with more information about this innovative Contact Lenses in the coming days. Scientists will release new updates regularly about the different testing phases of it.

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