Samus Returns Switch Port Potentially Leaked By Nintendo


Nintendo could have just revealed part of their plans for Metroid’s 35th anniversary.

2020 saw a huge anniversary for Nintendo, with Super Mario Bros. turning 35. Next year goes one better, with both the original The Legend of Zelda and Metroid hitting that milestone.

Although it was late, Nintendo confirmed a few special releases for Mario’s anniversary, including Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Super Mario Bros. 35 and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This has left fans wondering what, if anything, Nintendo plans to do to celebrate two of their other massive franchises turning 35. While we’re not likely to hear anything until the new year, Nintendo may have just dropped a massive hint of things to come.

Through Nintendo’s official online store, they have an incredibly awesome Super Metroid Skin and Screen Protector Set. This set comes with a range of decals that turn the Switch dock into a Super Metroid SNES cartridge as well as making the Switch itself look like something from a time gone by. While the decals don’t reveal much, GenosPapa pointed out that one of the promotional images may offer a glimpse into the future.

Of the 10 shots displayed in the listing, one is particularly suspicious. It shows somebody in the back seat of a car, playing Metroid: Samus Returns on their Nintendo Switch. A game which has never been released on Nintendo’s hybrid console. Now, this could certainly just be a promotional image to highlight the decals, however, it seems like an unusual choice to include a game that’s not on the Switch, especially with fans rabid for a new Metroid title.

Metroid: Samus Returns is a 2D Metroid game which was released in 2017 on the Nintendo DS. It released to rave critical reception and would be welcomed onto the Switch by almost everybody who owns the console.

It’s likely that if this port does exist, it will be revealed in a special Metroid Direct at some point in the future. Within the direct, fans will no doubt be hoping for a snippet of Metroid Prime 4 information, a game which has been silent since its 2017 reveal. If we do hear anything, it’s likely to be minimal as recent job listings seem to suggest the game is still a long way off.




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