Samsung Phone Explodes in The Pocket Captured in Video


Samsung phones starts exploding again, a video of an Indonesian man’s Samsung phone exploding and firing his shirt has been captured in a CCTV footage taken at an Indonesian hotel. Notably, the device this time is not the ill-famed Galaxy Note 7 but Samsung Grand Duos – released in 2013.

A 47-year-old hotel supervisor Yulianto at Hotel Ciputra Semarang in Indonesia was seen falling onto the ground trying to rip his shirt off after his phone exploded in his left breast pocket and set the garment aflame. The incident captured in CCTV, footage of the video embedded below.

The main was seeing waiting in a lobby and he suddenly felt a heating sensation in his breast pocket, and when he touched his pocket it suddenly exploded, setting his shirt alight and sending sparks across the room. The flames are almost reaching his face; the incident was happened on September 30 in the lobby of Hotel Ciputra Semarang, Indonesia. Luckily the man sustained only minor injuries in the incident.

The reason of explosion is been told the simultaneous use of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. Further, the battery of the phone was not Samsung’s genuine; he was using a third-party battery.

Samsung told CNET that the device in question had a third-party component. The battery on the used device was not manufactured by Samsung or a company authorised by Samsung, it said. “From a thorough investigation, we have found that the battery used in the device was not manufactured by Samsung or a company authorised by Samsung,”

“We sincerely wish for our customer’s swift recovery, and strongly recommend all our consumers to use Samsung’s genuine or approved batteries that have been specifically designed for use in Samsung products.” Said further.

It’s not the first time the South Korean phone maker has had to deal with a fiery problem. Samsung was thrust into the spotlight last year when several reports that its Galaxy Note 7 were exploding emerged just weeks after it was first released. The company had to replace the device for users, and when the problem remained even after that, it eventually had to recall the phone again and kill it. This time, however, the issue doesn’t appear to lie with Samsung but the new incident could further hurt its brand value.

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