Samsung Patents Foldable Smartphone; Might be Galaxy X


Samsung has recently submitted a patent file to the Korean Intellectual Property Office for its upcoming foldable smartphone. The device is believed to be the rumored Galaxy X.

The sketches shows a device fold inwards with the help of a folding mechanism, the device sports two screens which can be combined to make a single large screen.

Many rumored had been rounding up around the Samsung’s foldable smartphone aka Samsung Galaxy X throughout the year, the smartphone also said to be limited for the 100,000 units only.

Previously, Koh Dong-jin, Samsung’s president of mobile, told to Bloomberg “for sure we will launch the product” and the current news means that the device is on its way. But don’t get excited just yet, its projected release date as of last month was 2019.

Meanwhile, ZTE become the first company to launch dual-screen foldable smartphone to the market, ZTE Axom M comes with four different modes. First is dual mode, which will allow users to use two different apps in separate screens. Second is extended mode where users can use two screens as one large screen of full 6.75” full-HD display. Third is Mirror mode, which allows users to mirror the same content on both the screen when folded with both screens in different directions. And fourth one is Traditional mode, which allows users to use the device as a conventional smartphone, only powering one screen, while the other becomes your back panel.

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