Samsung is reportedly working on a device with Dual-Screen


Samsung has recently shown its first foldable smartphone called Galaxy Fold. However, this device is going through some ups and downs in its durability tests. Apart from the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is also said to work on a completely different device which will feature Screens on both sides of the body.

The company recently got a patent approval for a dual-screen device which comes with a continuous screen on both of the panel, i.e, rear and front both. This patent was first spotted by Let’s Go Digital.

If this patent turns out to be real, this will be going to change the photography for forever. As of now, most of the smartphones lets shows you how the picture of others looks like before capturing the shot. But with this device, the person on the other side will also be able to look himself before his picture snaps. This will enable to give a pose to his own desire by looking into the screen on his side.

This design also features a sensor which will automatically guess the screen you are looking at by detecting your hand as it hovers over one of the display. This is really going to bring a great change in smartphone technology. Prior to this, Vivo has already launched a device almost similar to Samsung’s patent. However, unlike to the continuous display, as shown in Samsung’s patent, Vivo Nex features two separate displays.

Apart from this great photography innovation, this patent device will be able to run speech translation apps and show the text to two people at the same time. This will enable two person with different languages to communicate with each other face to face without actually knowing that particular language with the help of translation tools. This will also be going to simplify the day to day activities of millions of peoples across the world.

Although Samsung has applied a very unique concept to this phone, but remember, this is still a patent and it’s not compulsory that this phone will turn out to be real. However, if this concept will emerge to be true, this will surely be going to benefit Samsung.

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