Sally’s 10 Best Quotes, Ranked


The six-season run of 3rd Rock From the Sun was filled with rampant insanity and misunderstandings. Four aliens disguised as humans were sent by their leader, The Big Giant Head, to conduct covert research. This team was anything but covert, living life out loud and as absurdly as possible.

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Sally Solomon ended up with the assignment of being the woman of the group. While she was initially resistant and upset about the role, Sally grew to love being a human woman and was upset to leave that life behind at the end of the mission. She also said some pretty insane things.

10 New Phone, Wrecked Car

3rd Rock from the Sun

Dick Solomon wasn’t exactly known for having the best decision-making process. This presented a huge problem for the rest of the team as he was the leader. They spent a lot of time cleaning up after him.

When Dick got a new cell phone, he wrecked the family car trying to order a pizza while driving. He then tried make Sally feel bad by pointing out he could have died. She replied with, “Yeah, because then we’d have to hitch a ride to your funeral because you wrecked our freakin’ car!”

9 Endless Awkward Experiences

The Solomons weren’t exactly known for being aware of what was or wasn’t appropriate. They lacked a general sense of shame, and were the authors of hundreds of awkward situations in almost any imaginable context.

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Part of the human experience they were researching was sex. When Sally was asked if she was seeing Don that evening, she said, “Seein’ him? I’m losing my virginity to him!” The cable guy who was also in the room was obviously incredibly uncomfortable with the conversation.

8 Mary’s Incredibly Old Parents

3rd Rock from the Sun

The core relationship in the series was the one between Dick Solomon and Mary Albright. Dick was so obsessed with her that he often put her ahead of everything else in his life. As such, their relationship coming to an end was a big deal.

Their breakup hit them both pretty hard but Mary never told her nasty parents. Dick agreed to keep up the charade and go to their place for the weekend. When Sally found out Mary’s parents were still alive, her mind was blown, leading to her exclaiming, “My God, they must be so old!”

7 Dick Gets Robbed, Sally Goes Overboard

3rd Rock from the Sun

Before taking human form, each member of the Solomon family was an alien in a military exploratory unit. They served on several missions together. While Sally posed as the sister, her real job was as the team’s security officer.

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As such, she went off the rails when Dick got robbed at an ATM. Sally followed the security company salesman around their house and was unimpressed, “Where do I bury my family after the burglars have pumped bullets into their skulls while your guys are strolling over?”

6 Tommy Is Either In Jail Or Dead

3rd Rock from the Sun

After a brief trip back to their home world, Sally, Tommy, and Harry returned to Earth. They also brought a new alien, Janet, who The Big Giant Head assigned to be Dick’s wife. Their fake relationship only lasted long enough to break him and Mary up.

While that was happening, Don started suspecting that aliens were in Rutherford. To throw him off the scent, Tommy pretended that he faked the evidence and was arrested. Sally confronted Don, misconstruing his meaning when he said he let Tommy go; “You let Tommy go to his death?”

5 Getting A New August

3rd Rock from the Sun

Tommy’s first girlfriend was August. Their relationship was fairly one-sided with August mostly in charge of the situation. She was actually quite manipulative, and started dating her new boyfriend while still dating Tommy. In August’s defense, Tommy did constantly try to cheat on her.

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During their tumultuous relationship, there were a lot of ups and downs. In one situation, Tommy lamented that he simply did not understand August or what she wanted from him. Sally, always the helpful aunt, chimed in with, “What’s to understand? Kill her and get a new one.”

4 Sally Understands Parenting

3rd Rock from the Sun

Sally was given the role of being the woman on the mission so that she could understand what being a woman on Earth was like. She hated the role at first but soon grew to love who she was as a human being.

In one episode, Sally summarized what the experience of parenting can be like for many people. As expected, she expressed it in a very Sally way, “It’s what women are supposed to do; get married, have babies, hire total strangers to raise them and then wonder where they went wrong.”

3 Dick’s Big Scam

John Lithgow 3rd Rock From The Sun

Mary asked Dick to help her with something in the office. Asking Dick for help with something physical was generally a bad idea. As one would expect, he virtually immediately fell and hurt himself.

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While everyone resisted at first, eventually his family stepped up and doted on him. Well, until they found out that he was faking for the attention. Sally’s initial response was probably the right one when she said, “I say he’s lame. Shoot him.”

2 A Little Dubcek

3rd Rock from the Sun

Mrs. Dubcek was the vivacious landlord of the Solomons. They rented an attic apartment from her, which really wasn’t big enough for the four of them. Harry fell in love with her daughter Vicki, which led to a whole series of misadventures and some interesting sexual proclivities.

Apparently, Mrs. Dubcek had at least one other child who never appeared on screen. Her grandson, who wasn’t Vicki’s, showed up. Dubcek asked Sally to babysit the little guy, pointing out to her that he had a nap and had been changed. Sally replied honestly with, “What was he before?”

1 Sally Makes Supper

3rd Rock from the Sun

The men in the Solomon family operated under the assumption that Sally would do all the cooking and cleaning because she was the woman. While Sally did much of the work because Dick, as her commanding officer, ordered her to, she sure didn’t like it.

When Harry pointed out how hungry he was, Sally let him know that she had cooked supper already; “Oh, I made you some hamburgers. They’re down at the hamburger place. All you have to do is go there, order them and pay for them.”

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