RS Computer Kicks by Puma are Back with a Bang


While Smart wearables and Smart devices have become extremely common amongst the general populace in the current digital world, things were quite different in the ‘80s. Technology was still in its nascent stages and nobody would have imagined carrying personal devices on your being. However, Puma was ahead of the time when it released a pair of smart shoes way back in the 80s.

These smart shoes were potentially the very first sophisticated fitness trackers. Decades later, the company is launching these smart shoes again. This comes as a major move considering how much the world and technology has changed over the years.

While the design of the shoes is to remain the same, the technology employed in the shoes has received a massive upgrade. The Puma RS Computer Kicks were designed in the year 1986 and they assisted in bringing the concept of tracking the performance of the individual as they are running. This feature is something that presently all the smartphones and smart fitness bands offer at present. However, technology was not quite advanced when one goes back 32 years in the past. As packing all the technology into a small chip was not feasible, the Puma smart shoes came with a noticeable protrusion at the back. The bulging consisted of the hardware required for capturing of data such as counting of steps and amount of calories burned. It comes equipped with a port for data transfer.

It was not a surprise that these sneakers did not manage to become a commercial success at the initial time of their release. But one should also factor in that the company only created these shoes in small numbers. On 13th December 2018, Puma shall be relaunching the RS Computer Shoes and 86 pairs of these shoes shall be going up for sale as limited edition.

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