Roomba VS Deebot; What’s The Best Smart Home Helper?


If you have a busy schedule like mine, you understand how hard it is to maintain clean floors. This is because floors are highly susceptible to getting dirt especially if you have kids or pets or you don’t observe the best practices like keeping your shoes out.

However, you can now manage this hard task effortlessly without having to bend awkwardly or move furniture to reach the tight corners, a common hotspot for dirt. This is thanks to robot vacuum cleaners which are designed to work independently and autonomously.

As expected, the robot vacuums market is very flooded, but the Roomba and Deebot are so far the best robot vacuum brands. But which of them is the best of the best? That’s what we want to find out.

Roombas – Superior Features

iRobot Roomba is the dominant brand, having been in the business for long. However, Neato Deebot is a newer brand but one that is seriously challenging Roomba’s monopoly. Another thing, Roomba is ahead when it comes to features and innovation, and that’s why it often goes as the best robot vacuum in the market. But just how does

Deebot – Best Affordability

Now that Roomba has the best features and innovation, one would want to ask, how does Deebot rise above the ranks? Well, the truth is that Deebot is quite affordable compared to Roombas. While a good Roomba would cost you an upwards of $500, you can get an equally intelligent Deebot for half that budget.

So, what’s the fuss?

For many shoppers, striking a balance between innovation and affordability is the major problem. Many people want the Roomba, but then it is too expensive. So, that leaves you with the option of buying Deebot. Today, I want us to separate the chaff from the wheat by finding out what’s the best brand between Roomba and Deebot. In this article, you will find lots of differences between Roomba and Deebot. But today, we won’t be going very deep.

In this article, I want us to answer three critical questions.

  1. Is Roomba worth the high price tag?
  2. Is cleaning performance compromised in the cheaper Deebot?
  3. Who’s the winner between Roomba and Deebot?

As mentioned above, Roombas are more expensive, and as such, you expect them to have better features. But still, besides the affordability of Deebot, there are still a few areas where Deebot outdid Roomba. In short, each robot vacuum has its pros and cons, and that’s our business in this section.

What Robot Vacuum for which Job?

The first thing you want to look at here is the cleaning performance of both vacuums. Different homeowners have different cleaning needs. Also, for root vacuums, they have been tailored to handle different cleaning needs.

One of the areas robot vacuums excel is on hardwood floors. These little helpers are very instrumental in keeping the fragile hard floors clean. But then, their performance is not the same and varies from model to model. One thing you want to look at here is the brush because most robots have very rough bristles that scratch and bruise your floor. This is especially when they are new. A good option here is to buy a vacuum with rubber extractors, and I’m glad both Roomba and Deebot have these rubber extractors.

The suction power is also a critical fundamental, and here, the motor is put to the test. Here, Roomba is a favorite because they have already moved to a Gen 3 motor. This is what the Roomba 980 has, and its power is manifested when it Carpet Boost (dedicated carpet mode). Even though Deebot may also offer an alternative to Carpets Boost, the suction power of a Gen 3 motor is something out of this world. The Roomba 980 will still collect a lot of dust from a freshly vacuumed carpet.

Pet owners also have something to smile about. We have robot vacuums that have been designed to clean all kinds of pet messes; from the dog fur to tiny dander-related allergens. Roomba is the best here because it comes with anti-tangle brush extractors and true HEPA filters. When you are shopping for a pet hair robot vacuum, there are two crucial factors; brush and filter. Long hairs shouldn’t tangle the brush while the HEPA system filters 99.97% of allergens. You will agree with me that skin flakes, dander and pet urine can trigger allergies.  But still, Deebot is an excellent choice, but the HEPA style filters are a letdown.

Roomba; all round cleaning

You will want an all-around vacuum cleaner that won’t be selective on the tasks it can handle. This is where the Roomba shines, especially the Roomba 980. It can clean hardwood floors, hard floors, carpets and pet hair as well as allergens. It has all the features required for each task. Deebot also offers some great options, for example, Deebot R95 but the Gen 3 motor brings the big difference. Remember, the mechanism of a robot vacuum dramatically depends on the suction power. So, in as much as you may have all the other features, without good suction power, vacuuming will not be optimal.

Deebot offers cheap robot mops

Candidly speaking, Roomba is more superior to Deebot, but if you have a hardwood floor like me, there’s something that still makes Deebot a worthy vacuum cleaner. Some select models come with integrated mopping function. Many vacuuming experts have put Roombas on the spot now that they are costly and don’t have mops. You have to invest in a separate product offered by iRobot called Braava for mopping. So, why would you waste $900 for Roomba 980 yet something like Deebot N79 will vacuum and mop simultaneously?

What about the extras?

While the earliest robot vacuum models were primarily designed for vacuuming, the latest models are geared towards maximum convenience. There are several aspects that you should consider when discussing the extras robot vacuum cleaners offer, including Roomba and Deebot.

The first thing you need to consider is the navigation and maneuverability, and here, it is tough to call a winner. This is because both brands offer quite some intelligent robot vacuums. The most notable feature would be the VSLAM navigation. Roomba and Dyson seemed to be the industry leaders with this new camera navigation, but Deebot has finally caught up with them. The Deebot R-Series also combine a camera that combines the data it gets from the sensor for seamless navigation.

Another important aspect would be regarding Smart connectivity. Roomba includes Wi-Fi in all the new models, and so is the case for Deebot. They also have voice control in some models, and here, I want you to be careful with Deebot. While you may assume that all Roombas with Wi-Fi support Alexa, something like the Deebot N79 will support Wi-Fi, but it’s only the upgraded models, N79s that supports voice control.

These are some of the major talking points when talking about the Roomba and Deebot. But please note that these two brands have several models, and the features naturally vary. The most important thing is to make sure you buy the best model that will suit your needs.

If you want to but the best robot, make sure you read the in-depth reviews of the robot vacuums. In this article, you can find a deeper and more profound Deebot vs. Roomba comparison. But for our today’s purpose, we want to answer the three questions now that we are in the closing stages.

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